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21st June 2013, 22:35
I’m about to tell you a ridiculously crazy story about what happened to me a few days ago. It starts out like this:

Two days ago, one of my neighbors showed up at my door looking very distraught. She told me that her niece ran away from home last Sunday and has not been heard from since. She then broke down and cried and I tried to console her as I asked her to tell me more about it.

This neighbor, let‘s call her Jan, who knew that I occasionally did readings for people, wanted to know if I could intuitively focus on who her niece is staying with and where she is at. I told her I would let her know if I received any information on that.

She then quickly flashed up a studio photo that was on her cellphone of her niece who appeared to be a lovely tanned Caucasian girl with short, curly darkish, red-brown hair. In that photo, she looked to be around 18 years old but then Jan said that she was 16.

Well, Jan is African American and so is her sister who is the girl’s mother but then Jan added that her niece’s dad was white and that he died 3 or 4 years ago of cancer.

However, that still didn’t explain why the girl looked Caucasian as opposed to not even looking remotely like an offspring of mixed racial couple. But because Jan seemed to be in such an emotional state, I didn’t comment on that.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Jan then went into a confusing ramble about her niece’s background. She said that
-- she suffers from an intestinal disease where she has had many extended stays at the hospital because of it.
-- she’s had problems with drug abuse
-- she has some mental health issues that includes one suicide attempt
-- she has a boyfriend who lives in a homeless shelter
-- and that she really misses her father.

Jan also said that her sister and niece live in the city of Mayfield Ht’s and that a friend of the family thinks that she saw her niece on Monday outside of a store clear across town in what’s known as an unsafe neighborhood. And when Jan said that, she got very emotional again. I felt really bad for her and everyone concerned and really wanted to help in every way possible.

She also said that the police have been notified and are searching for the girl too.

As for why her niece ran away, according to Jan, her niece intentionally slipped a “Micky” aka that date rape drug, into her mother’s cup of hot tea. Jan didn’t give any clear explanation on what happened next except to say that her sister had the tea tested somewhere and that’s when she found out what was put in it. She then confronted her daughter about that on Sunday and said that she was going to report that to the police dept. --- and that’s when her niece ran away.

So after Jan left, the first thing I did was Google up the niece’s name to see if there was anything in the news about her being missing. There was nothing in the local news or anything for that matter about her niece on the internet. She did not even have a Facebook page.

But later on that day, I got intuitive information that Jan was not the Aunt of the missing girl. I also received information about the girl’s possible whereabouts and who she’s staying with.

So then I jotted that down in a note (except for the part about Jan not being the aunt of the girl) and taped that envelope on Jan’s door. We both live in the same apartment building.

Then the next day, while meditating, a clear hyper-real 3D face of a teenage girl with white skin, reddish hair and blazing blue/green eyes popped into my mind’s eye vision. And just as she popped out, I heard some yelling from a distance that was part of that vision too. I knew it was Jan’s niece even though the girl in the vision had different hair and seemed younger than that cellphone photo of her that Jan very quickly flashed to me the day before.

Right after I saw that vision, I went to my computer and I googled up the girl’s name again to see if anything has been reported in the news about her yet and by that time her disappearance was finally reported on a local news station.

The girl that I saw in that vision looked EXACTLY like the girl in that photo on that news site. (Note: If anyone comments in this thread, please do not mention the name of the missing girl in your post)
Here’s that photo of her and that news story:

http://i932.photobucket.com/albums/ad164/A99_x/missingirl.jpg (http://s932.photobucket.com/user/A99_x/media/missingirl.jpg.html)

CLEVELAND -- Police confirm to Channel 3 that (news link for her name and age) was reported missing June 16 from Coltman Road in Cleveland's Little Italy.

Police say that she was last seen at 1931 Coltman Road on June 16.

She has red hair, blue eyes, stands 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds.

If you have seen her, please contact the Cleveland Police.


After I read the above article and saw the photo of Jan’s “niece”, it was apparent that Jan had been misleading me all along. For example:

-- The photo that Jan showed me of her “niece”, which is a different one than what’s on that news page, had been photoshopped to make her look darker. The added graphic effects made her look older than she actually was.

Jan’s “niece” is only 15 years old, not 16. And she’s obviously not a child of any mixed racial marriage because as we can see in that photo, the girl is Scotch/Irish to boot with freckles even!

-- Interestingly enough, Mayfield Rd, which is a very long one that extends, with a few breaks, for several miles across and beyond the county, is the main road that intersects the same street that this missing girl was last seen on. So that’s how Jan came up with Mayfield Ht’s when she told me where they lived.

So by then my question was, how did Jan even know that this teenage girl was missing in the first place when, at the time she had told me about it, it had not been reported in the news yet nor was there any information about her being missing on the internet either?

So as soon as I saw that news story, let’s just say that Jan had a lot of explaining to do which is why I marched down to her apartment to confront her about all of this only to find that she was not there.

Then I went back to her apt. later in the day and found that she had just gotten back from Little Italy to, as she claimed, get a stack of flyers of this missing girl to pass out to people, from the girl’s mother and friends who had a table set out in front of the Catholic Church in that neighborhood.

I then asked Jan if this girl was really her niece and she replied back by saying, “Well, not exactly”. Uh huh. Pretty unreal isn’t it? (note to self: find out if I can get out of my apt. lease early.)

Jan then told me that she plays bingo at a bingo hall. Where? I ask. She forgot the name of it. A church? “yea, yea, it’s a church, she retorted back. Anyway, she met someone there who knows this girl’s family who told her that everyone was looking for her. At that time, it was not in the news yet. I’m guessing that Jan probably didn’t think it would even be reported in the news on tv because the girl was a run-away and not technically “a missing person”. IOW’s, she was not an “Amber Alert”.

I’m also guessing that Jan told that woman that she’s extremely psychic and will see if she can find out where the girl is at.

But now I'm guessing that there was no bingo hall and no such woman either. Jan probably saw a flyer somewhere on this missing girl.

Ostensibly, it is clear that Jan decided to come over to my place, make up the story about the missing girl being her niece and most likely all of that other stuff about that girl too including where they lived, to see what I could come up with so that she could then give my information to that girl’s family.

I’m guessing that Jan probably went to Little Italy yesterday not to pick up those flyers, but to talk to the girl’s mother, friends or relatives who were sitting at a table outside of the church and give them the information that she claimed that she got intuitively/psychically about the possible whereabouts of where the girl is. The same information that I had been giving her about who this girl might be with now and the area she’s in.

This woman Jan is nobody’s fool. After what just happened, I’m to find out that she’s a great actress and can even cry buckets on cue just to add more drama to make people believe her. She’s obviously a deceptor and a real mental case… no question about that one!

However, I will continue to seek information from my own “sources” and impressions about this girls whereabouts. But if anyone here wants to pitch in and give their own psychic impressions on where she could be and who she’s with, please post that information here in this thread or PM me and let me know ok?

I will pass on that information to Jan because she will undoubtably give it to that poor family as she is already in contact with them anyway where she’s probably gained their trust because she’s passing out flyers for them too.

Jan, of course, will claim that they are her own psychic impressions. But after the girl is back home and safe, I will personally deliver copies of this thread, including the names of those whose psychic impressions that have ended up contributing in some way toward locating where this teenager is now, to the family of this missing girl.

The bottom line is, the information will be going directly to the family and they are the ones who will determine if they should make some suggestions to the police dept. to investigate whatever that information is.

Information based on psychic impressions is thrown out and ignored when giving it directly to the police dept. but it’s not like that when the family gets it first.

Time is of the essence. I personally feel that the girl is in some kind of danger. That she’s ‘using’ again. She needs to be found immediately if not sooner. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

21st June 2013, 23:13
Hope she is ok, maybe she has gone to a Summer Solstice party and she is having fun.

I guess they have them around where she lives, many are drawn to them at this time of the year here in GB

21st June 2013, 23:28
Interesting guess! I will make note of it. It's been six days now since she ran away.... keep her in your prayers and please DO continue to make suggestions here whenever you think of one!

Oh.... and yes, they do have those around in this area too!

22nd June 2013, 07:23
Hi Roisin,
I'm sensing that she's with an older man (older than her) caucasian, thin/gaunt, shaved dark hair, stubble growth on face. She was familiar with this person (went to him to sell her drugs?) He smells of stale beer & cigarettes. Chain smoker. The room she's in only has a mattress on the floor. Feels like an abandoned building filled with squatters. In a semi-industrial area of town not terribly far from where she lives. She's very scared, but is given drugs then the fear subsides.
Not sure if that helps. I hope they find her safe.

22nd June 2013, 07:48
What about Jan knowing exactly where the girl is and covering up for the drug dealer or the kidnapper? Check that too in case.

22nd June 2013, 12:06
Hi Roisin,
I'm sensing that she's with an older man (older than her) caucasian, thin/gaunt, shaved dark hair, stubble growth on face. She was familiar with this person (went to him to sell her drugs?) He smells of stale beer & cigarettes. Chain smoker. The room she's in only has a mattress on the floor. Feels like an abandoned building filled with squatters. In a semi-industrial area of town not terribly far from where she lives. She's very scared, but is given drugs then the fear subsides.
Not sure if that helps. I hope they find her safe.

This one is not exactly a worse case scenario, but it's definitely a runner-up. The area that she was last seen at is "Little Italy" and there are a lot of Case Western Reserve students that live there in shabby yet overly priced apartment units in old houses in that area. It's always been a 'hip' place to live for the younger professional crowd too, but it's like an isolated island surrounded by old abandoned buildings,warehouses and broken-down neighborhoods with numerous 'crack houses', 'after-hour' houses and transient 'hotels'. It's a 'surround' that's got an under-reported crime rate to keep Case's reputation and image as a 'safe place to be' intact .

You take one step beyond the quaint, cultured, old world neighborhood of 'Little Italy' with its art galleries and charming bistro's at every corner, and you enter into the poverty and crime ridden dimension of urban blight. I know this area intimately because when just out of college, I worked as a case-worker for the county where I had to do 'home-calls' for those squatter's who bunked out on filthy worn mattresses laid out on the floors in those abandoned old buildings that were once part of a thriving business district from another era that's long since surrendered itself to ruin, decay and the homeless.

Yes, the scenario that you are describing is indeed a very REAL possibility for 'those ones' that you speak of, for 'they' are in those buildings and neighborhoods too ready to snatch up any 15 year old runaway to use for their own ends.
Yours is a worse case scenario of the information I received from my own source. I was told that she's staying with a male friend of one of her girlfriends. The male, of course, is older than the girl because he's old enough to live in his own apartment.

I also got the impression that she's not too far from where her home is. This is what you are saying too.

After I got that information, I turned it over the Jan and told her later that I didn't think that her "niece" was in any immediate danger.

But then when I saw that girls face pop into my mind's eye vision the next day and heard that yelling in the background ... I sensed that she was indeed in some kind of critical situation. I notified Jan of that too.

The psychic information that you are sharing here is describing a situation that has devastating and horrific potentialities embedded within it. It's a much worse scenario than the information I got.

Thanks for sharing! I will pass this on...

22nd June 2013, 14:44
What about Jan knowing exactly where the girl is and covering up for the drug dealer or the kidnapper? Check that too in case.

This is something that crossed my mind when it became obvious that she had blatantly lied to me about this girl being her niece including her lies about other things too.... and that her dramatic emotional appeal for my assistance was like a performance that was deserving of an Academy Award for Best Acting.
This is psychopathic behavior.

Here's the timeline:
The girl ran away on Sunday, June 16th
Jan came to my door on Weds, 3 days after that girl left home.
But Jan said that she knocked on my door the day before, which was Tues, to tell me about her "niece" being missing but I was not home at that time.
So this means that she knew about this girl running away from home only 2 days later... on Tues.
So for her story to check out on how she found out about this girls disappearance, she had to have attended that Bingo Hall on Monday night.
Bingo on monday nights? Hmmm, I don't know about. Will check that out.
But, the fact is, that girl had only been gone for one day because she only ran away the day before, on Sunday.
So if we are to believe Jan, the woman that she talked to at Bingo who she claimed told her about that girl being missing, was only talking about a teenager who had been gone for ONLY one day!

And is that woman from that Bingo Hall a good friend of Jan's where she updated Jan on tues. to tell her that the girl has still not been heard from?

IOW's, how would Jan know that the girl was still gone on Tues unless she was still getting updates from the woman she talked to at the Bingo hall the night before?

So, Jan apparently had been getting updates from that woman about this girls disappearance all along. She certainly was not getting any updates on that from the news because it was not until Thurs. that information about the girl being missing was even in the news anywhere.... including any information at all anywhere on the internet until Thurs. about this girls disappearance.

Need to think about this more.

22nd June 2013, 15:29
Good News! She was found last night! What a relief!


CLEVELAND -- The mother of missing teen Meaghan (last name) has confirmed that her daughter was found safe Friday.

McGee was found on the city's west side near the 13100 block of Terminal Avenue. Circumstances surrounding her disappearance haven't been released at this time.

She is currently being interviewed by detectives.

The family is expected to issue a statement when more information is available.

Prior to locating the missing teen, family members had planned to organize a search for her Saturday to help spread the word of her disappearance.

Meaghan (last name), 15, was reported missing June 16 from Coltman Road in Cleveland's Little Italy according to Police.

Police said that she was last seen at 1931 Coltman Road on June 16.

22nd June 2013, 15:55
This is so strange. The location where she was picked up last night is less than 10 min. away from where I live.

They spelled her first name Meaghan in that news article posted just before midnight last night to announce that she had been picked up by the police on Terminal Ave.

But before in the first news article about her being missing, her first name was spelled Megan. (just checked that site and they've since corrected that spelling to Meaghan)

I've been googling the name Megan (last name) for ongoing updates on this story so that's how I missed this newest update earlier this morning that she has been found because of that different spelling in that article of her first name which, may or may not be the correct spelling of that name.

22nd June 2013, 18:02
Good news. Thanks for the updates

23rd June 2013, 21:22
Stay-tuned for updates from her family on where this girl has been over the past week. But if the girl was staying with a friend or a friend of a friend, I'm sure she's going to try to protect them and not tell the police or her family who they are. I think her 'host' drove her over to my side of the town and dropped her off on Terminal to throw off the police as to his real location which is probably near where this girl lives in the Little Italy area.

Anyone who was allowing a 15 yr. old runaway girl to stay with them while her family and the whole city was frantically looking for her.... is a monster and deserves to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law!

24th June 2013, 04:49
There is a chance she ran away for a good reason. Perhaps freewill may be being infringed by tracking her down - certainly I would ensure any efforts to find her bore this possibility in mind, calling on higher guidance where necessary to ensure that freewill be preserved.

For my part I require that the love and light of the one infinite creator shine on the missing girl's heart and guide her choices and protect her appropriately.


Update: I obviously had not read the whole thread. She's been found. Still may she be blessed anyway :)