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2nd July 2013, 15:54
Hi everyone :wave:
I have been using MMS in the past for cleansing purposes and i must say i have a good fealing about it.

Lately however i discovered this youtube video: 5jY2yab0uLc Which titles: "Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated!"

I wrote the Red Cross an email asking them if they knew about this video, and their answer was that they have nothing to do with the video and send me this (http://www.ifrc.org/en/news-and-media/opinions-and-positions/opinion-pieces/2013/ifrc-strongly-dissociates-from-the-claim-of-a-miracle-solution-to-defeat-malaria/) link.
Perhaps someone has more info on this story and the reason by the denial from the Red Cross about the origin of the video as it seems to be a strange story if they deny it..

P.S. i have tried to contact Jim Humble directly but could not find his email, i send a message with the contact form from this site: http://www.miraclemineral.org/ but no answer yet.

2nd July 2013, 16:57
The Red Cross SHOULD embrace MMS, but likely won't.

MMS has certainly been a fantastic tool for our family. The stuff works, period.

2nd July 2013, 17:17
I;ve been using it for 3 years on me, family and friends and we got rid of cancers, viruses, it works very well.

Highly recommended for the red cross and everybody else.

Maia Gabrial
2nd July 2013, 18:18
Beware of anything that any govt agency researches, especially now. Most likely it'll become illegal or tampered with....

2nd July 2013, 22:50
I have been using MMS for the past 2 years and I feel like I'm 16 years old full of beans, fit as a fiddle..

6th July 2013, 12:31
Here is Jims email on this - it came today

LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS
Major developments on the Red Cross vs. MMS front! For those new to the topic or needing a memory refresher, here’s a quick chronological recap:

December 12-15, 2012: Klaas Proesmans, CEO & Founder of the Water Reference Center in conjunction with the Red Cross did a field test to determine if MMS works on malaria. To no one’s surprise (on our end)… All 154 malaria positive patients were cured within 24-48 hours.
Red Cross does not release the results and asks us to wait, wait, wait...
May 2, 2013: We finally decide to wait no more and release a video produced by Leo Koehof, who was at the field test and also showed Red Cross staff how to properly use MMS.
May 6, 2013: I put out a newsletter I called “Malaria Finally Defeated,” which tells the story of the field test that the Red Cross didn’t want released. See mmsnews.org/all-newsletters/172-malaria-finally-defeated-05-06-2013.html (http://mail.mmsnews.org/link.php?M=15258&N=247&L=284&F=H)
May 15, 2013: The Red Cross puts out an official statement on their website saying, “IFRC strongly dissociates from the claim of a ‘miracle’ solution to defeat malaria.” Furthermore, they say they had, “at no time been involved in ‘clinical trials’ related to malaria treatment.”
June 15, 2013: I put out a newsletter I called “Malaria Overcome” where I reminded everyone about the situation: mmsnews.org/all-newsletters/174-malaria-overcome-06-15-2013.html (http://mail.mmsnews.org/link.php?M=15258&N=247&L=283&F=H)


June 28, 2013: Leo Koehof decides to email one of the other videographers (there were a total of three) at the Red Cross field test. Leo wanted to find out what ever happened with their video production. They quickly reply saying they sent Klaas Proesmans a link to their video, but nothing ever happened after that. The reply Leo received included a link to a hidden video that turned out to be a wonderfully produced short documentary detailing the whole Red Cross “field test,” and shows Proesmans and several Red Cross officials speaking VERY positively about the results of the field test. They were clearly impressed and wanted to see this used to help their community. The video shows the location, field workers treating patients and enough evidence to prove the Red Cross was indeed involved in a field test.
July 1, 2013: My people release the new video on our MMS Testimonials Youtube Channel.
Although the video Leo produced and released on May 2nd was good, it contained only limited statements by Red Cross staff. This new video clearly gives names and lots of clear statements.
Now it’s showtime! We need your help. Mankind needs your help.
Please, for the sake of a million babies, children, and adults who can be saved from suffering to death this coming year do the following 3 simple and free things right away:
1. WATCH this new revealing video: youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8 (http://mail.mmsnews.org/link.php?M=15258&N=247&L=282&F=H)
(Make sure to watch all the way to the end. It contains a statement and several slides…)
2. WRITE a comment below the video on the Youtube page. This helps increase the dialog and attention this video gets beyond just adding +1 to the counter.
3. SHARE the link of the video on your Facebook and/or Twitter feed, etc.
Now that’s a “game changer” of a video if there ever was one. If anyone out there has media contacts, please let them know about this developing story.
Apparently, the Red Cross, for whatever reason, wanted to prove to the world that MMS doesn’t work. They were totally certain it wouldn’t work. Also, they were not required to finance the operation as Klaas Proesmans was paying for the whole thing.
Therefore, they were willing to lend their name and people to the effort. From the very first malaria patient that was cured, there was a warning to us that we could not tell the world. This went on for 5 months! Does that make any sense? They healed everyone — 154 malaria patients in four days — but kept warning us not to tell anyone. When I finally figured that they were never going to release the data, I told my people to go public.
Once the cat was out of the bag, the Red Cross told the public, through their website, that the test never took place. Now, with this new video it’s a little harder to claim that.
Klaas Proesman actually looked like he really wanted to do something good, but for whatever reason he sided with the Red Cross in claiming it never happened. The statement he makes at the end of the video is very clear:
“We closed the operation to report back to the Secretary General here in Uganda Red Cross Society. And, to report back to the Water Resource Center about the results of this field test. Now, all in all… a 100% cured people… less than 5 days… all within 24 hours to 48 hours! That asks for further investigation.”
For 12 years I have been trying to tell the world that Chlorine Dioxide cures malaria for pennies, but the naysayers, the critics that know nothing, and those who would loose millions of dollars if chlorine dioxide got used have prevented it from being used, while millions died, and I mean literally millions died.
I have personally treated and cured more than 5000 malaria patients, but this was out in the wilderness working with missionaries and no one pays much attention to missionaries. I make no money from chlorine dioxide or from saving thousands when they do begin to use chlorine dioxide. It is simply a job of my church to do this, and bring MMS to mankind’s attention.
Please do your part and pass on the proven truth.

With love,
Jim Humble,
Archbishop of the Genesis 2 Church


6th July 2013, 15:11
Hi everyone :wave:
I have been using MMS in the past for cleansing purposes and i must say i have a good fealing about it.

Lately however i discovered this youtube video: ... Which titles: "Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated!"

Here is Jims email on this - it came today
Excellent news, witchy1. Thank-you!

I started a new thread just for these results: LEAKED VIDEO Proves Red Cross Performed a Successful Field Test Using MMS on Malaria (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?60861-LEAKED-VIDEO-Proves-Red-Cross-Performed-a-Successful-Field-Test-Using-MMS-on-Malaria). This new thread really has quite the same information as this thread started by Jelle, just organized differently now that more of the evidence is available.

8th July 2013, 16:01
Thanks, that clears things up.