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2nd October 2010, 02:02
Ever notice that in this particular setup, it`s the tractor or engine that has the female part and the trailer that has the male part? Basically, the female goes where she wants to go and the male follows. Is that a metaphor for life or what!!

Ethereal Blue Being
2nd October 2010, 02:06
I guess that depends on which country, which city and which relationship your in.

2nd October 2010, 17:04

I guess that depends on which country, which city and which relationship your in.

Yes, there is much truth in what you say. In conservative countries and cities, and in conservative relationships, this is readily visible, at least outwardly. One always wonders where exactly the power engine lies in each household. In the woman; in the man; closer to the woman; closer to the man; etc.

Having said that, and please bear with me as I take things into the abstract, we are always fascinated by beauty; not always so with brawn. The former inspires awe and draws us in; the latter, too, can inspire awe but it does not always draw us in. In many cases, brawn instills fear in us; and fear triggers an uneasy station or an easy flight. In short, beauty has a hold on us that brawn simply cannot match.

Which begs the question, who generally possesses more beauty, man or woman? Now, there is no easy way to resolve inner beauty; in the absence of resolution, we have to say there is no preference either way. But when we turn to outer beauty - surface beauty - I think few would argue that females (at least in the human species) have a decided edge. Perhaps this is a rule of Mother Nature, with scant few exceptions.

We can symbolize the physical beauty of woman with the curve; of man, with the line, and not lose too much in the symbolization. We can then re-ask the question: which is more beautiful, the curve or the line?

Good question. For me, it's a no-brainer. While the line is mathematically more exact, the curve holds more beauty. I prefer parabolas to straight lines; long and winding roads to autobahns; arches to cross members; domes to boxes; curved hips and bosoms to ... (will leave it at that); Project Blue Beam swirls over Norway to chemtrails; sinusoidal wave functions to Fourier transforms; etc. ... Wouldn't lightning be more aesthetic if it fell down without the jagged edges ... you know, smooth like white ribbons tossed from the clouds!. I don't know about you, but I like the radial symmetry when a pebble is dropped in a pond ... can you imagine square ripples? Don't even get me started on square nipples ... I shudder at the thought!

Continuity, baby ... give me continuity! And you'll agree that rapiers would hurt less if they were round-tipped, especially with these guys who seem to be engaged in a never-ending battle to the next!
:fencing: LOL

Anyways, I don't mind that women hold the real power. Besides, the observer always ends up with a better view than the beauty!

Anyhoo' ... thanks for letting me steal a minute of your time. Maybe I should start banking time? Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a large central repository of stolen tick-tocks and fiat moments. Maybe not. I mean, what's the point? To those of us who believe, we are already eternal beings.

2nd October 2010, 22:20
With woman gaining so much power how come society is going down faster than ever? LOL.:cool:

2nd October 2010, 23:31
Hi Rozzy,

With woman gaining so much power how come society is going down faster than ever? LOL.:cool:

Causation versus correlation, friend.

In any event, the power you speak of is founded in money ... and those who currently control it are some of the most physically unattractive specimens this species has to offer. I would hazard it takes each of their mamas all of the mothering instinct, and squinted brows, to get close enough to their respective derivative masses for barely a squeeze.

Nay, the powerplay that I speak of - with all other power founts tapped shut - is the time-tested interweave between beauty and beast. The beast is essentially soft taffy, and not a little daffy, in the presence of the beauty. There's a reason why you never hear of Hieronymous of Holland turning a thousand ships ... that face belongs to the ethereal Helen of Troy.