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11th July 2013, 08:42
I came across this video that someone sent me on facebook it was on disclosuretv.com, it sparked my curiosity as to the originality of it. So i went to the NASA site and found it take a look and tell me what you think. If it links our planet to the sun is it possible it links other planets to our sun ???


11th July 2013, 08:56
Great post - thought provoking. My first thought is that as we rotate - we connect at certain junctures and the possibility of some type of energy portal becomes plausible. Why not?! I will think about this now and it will make my brain work overtime.

Much Peace - Amanda

pine boy
11th July 2013, 10:29
We possibly got a visual of such a portal occuring during the 2011 Elnin event.Mercury and Jupiter were both in view although very far apart.Elnin was there too but far away from Jupiter.I saw it on Lasco and was astonished.
I'm not sure what spacecraft took this image but what looks like a portal between Jupiter and the Sun was captured.


Possible impacts or maybe portals.





My thought is if it happens on other planets as possibly seen here,it happens on Earth too.

11th July 2013, 12:30
it is said, the sun is a portal , those sun diving comets are not comets but, rather ships using the sun to jump vast distances in the cosmos... all fusion stars are portals used for the galactic highway ... i still have my doubts but, the information is pretty convincing, the stars are linked and are gateways, very ancient ...

11th July 2013, 13:14
It's not really that the stars are portals... but it is an energy flux point in the multi-dimensional fabric of the multi-verse, as seen by humans, humans who exist in and as a viewpoint that consists of a given group of energies in one dimension (as seen and lived from that one dimension 'view').

As above, so below - the same holds true for what we call an 'atomic structure', at the nano and sub nano level.

The 'sun' or this energy aggregation point, this flux point, it transmutes atomic structure, or energy nodes, where the dimensional energies cross one another, and create a rotating or frequential spin of fields or dimensions. we call that an atomic particle. They can be manipulated in this space, but hopefully, very carefully. If not, they can be unraveled and the spinning top we call a particle can come apart and make a huge 'pulse' in one dimensional plane, which is what the energy of the sun actually is, and what an atomic explosion is. Both are dimensional breech or gating effects.

Which takes you to the LENR devices like cold fusion, and the E-cat, and then the very recently released US Navy Patent on atomic energy manipulation and transmutation, or LENR.

11th July 2013, 17:59
If it links our planet to the sun is it possible it links other planets to our sun ???


everything is connected (linked) it's for us to see the connection

12th July 2013, 01:18
Thanks to our Project Avalon Member "Wind" for introducing this video on the Ranch thread. Lots of Goodies that could enhance the thread IMHO. Again Thanks Wind. I've listened to this interview numerous times. And It gets a lil better every time. The fun starts at 4:00.

Enter: Shamin Practitioner Gwilda Wiyaka - Lakota . I get some great energy from this incredible woman. Please have a listen for a while. Grab a log and have a seat here by the fire.

Gwilda Wiyaka's -Biography


12th July 2013, 15:05
http://youtu.be/HjXZLRc4qFM (1.3 min. video)

Giant Triangle - Huge coronal hole on the Sun!