View Full Version : New App ~ Tattle on Gun Owners

Earth Angel
12th July 2013, 16:22
wow, this is beyond belief......will they have one for peadophiles too? and maybe for anyone who's served time, where will this kind of thing end if this is tolerated
They are really encouraging people to self police.....get the kids involved too!


New App Allows its Users to Tattle on Gun Owners

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App’s website encourages users to report gun owners who hold anti-government political views

Adan Salazar
July 11, 2013

A new Smart Phone app describing itself as “tattle ware” allows users to upload information regarding locations where they have “gun related concerns,” allowing people to anonymously report their neighbors and others if issue is taken with their ownership of firearm

As well as documenting a person who “frequently displays or brandishes weapons,” Gun Geo Marker users are encouraged to mark the homes of people “whose children speak frequently of their parent’s gun ownership, or who talk about guns as a potential tools [sic] for conflict resolution.”

“If your children or your child’s friends know of insecure weapons (unlocked, stored loaded, or potentially accessible to your children), then the location of these weapons should be marked and other actions (such as disallowing your children from playing at that home or with those kids) should be taken immediately.”

12th July 2013, 19:35
It's like a chapter out of the book, "1984" by George Orwell. :eek:

12th July 2013, 19:55
SOmeone might tattle on you for reading those books!
Better watch out, lol