View Full Version : Trayvon Martin's Dad Is A 'Grand Master' Freemason

Hip Hipnotist
13th July 2013, 21:48
What relevance, if any, this would have on the son's death is open to speculation.

Most sheep in the community wouldn't know what a Freemason, much less a 'grand master' was in the first place so the fact that it never appeared in the ( main stream ) media is no surprise.

But it's always interesting to see this 'stuff' surface.


13th July 2013, 22:22
And if "Justice is not served" the invisible people, will become invisible and not say a word, about being a witness, or anything. You can't have it both ways. WE are either American Citizens, or we are not. Can you imagine if that girl who was kidnapped for 10 years, was ignored by African American Big Mac eater that morning?

This is what we say. It will be peaceful, but if we aren't included in justice, we will not be included in prosecution as witnesses. We've witnessed enough after 400 years.

Simple as the "see NO evil, speak NO evil, hear NO evil."

Generations fight differently, but they do fight.

13th July 2013, 22:46
hey HH , great find... trayvon's dad a grandmaster freemason, it explains alot , the push for prosecution, the family is connected ... my wifey watches the trial thing every day , every moment... the ptb are pushing hard for a reason to have martial law ... heads up everyone...

14th July 2013, 01:03
I doubt the #006 Lodge of Florida is up to much sinister or strange. However, they are connected to a greater hierarchy of Masons and inside information about the Martin case will drift upstream, and their may be a few pockets of darkness hidden there.

My take on the Martin - Zimmerman trial is that cabal is using this story to divide us. They are trying to use this trial to create prejudice, or get us to pre-judge the trial. The media, through it's inaccurate reporting, had tried to get people to make up their minds about the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman before the trial, before much information was laid out. They made this story seem as though Treyvon was in a white neighborhood (it's quite mixed) and shot by a white man (Zimmerman calls himself hispanic and is German and Afro-Peruvian) and that your belief about Zimmermans guilty should be an expression of your feelings on civil rights issues, not about the evidence presented in the trial, and it has encouraged you to do so with a great degree of emotionalism.

So let me guess the information the cabal received through its Masonry network was helpful to them, to determine if they should make this a prime time story on CNN and how the misinformation should be conveyed to stir the sheeople into a frenzy.

It's my belief that we are waking up and going to react a little more peacefully than they expect.

14th July 2013, 02:04
George Zimmerman was just found "not guilty" by the jury.