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15th July 2013, 17:30
Richard Stallman: Snowden & Assange besieged by empire but not defeated


Published on 15 Jul 2013

Snowden and Assange besieged but not defeated, while privacy has a better chance
now than it had before. We talk to freedom activist and free software developer Richard
Stallman, who believes the fight against the total surveillance on the part of the
governments is far from over. The founder of GNU project and Free software foundation
speaks to Sophie Shevardnadze on SophieCo about the recent leaks of the NSA and
social media.

15th July 2013, 18:02
This quite interesting from the other week, Russell reviewing the sunday
papers on the BBC , commenting on the then breaking Prism story.

Andrew Marr Show, newspaper review (23Jun13)


Published on 23 Jun 2013

The Sunday newspapers are reviewed with "comedian" Russell Brand and Labour peer Helena Kennedy.

Recorded from BBC 1 HD, Andrew Marr Show, 23 June 2013

15th July 2013, 21:51
The government should be wary of the corporations who offer "networking solutions" and the like.

Sooner or later (maybe even right now, lol) the corporations, MULTINATIONAL corporations actually, will have more surveillance power than the gov't because they get all the SECURITY CONTRACTS.

Cut out the contractors and start training real Americans IMO. It's easier to toss bones to dogs than it is to speak to men, though... I suspect this will never stop as long as Americans care more about systems than self.

15th July 2013, 23:02
Why even Rome crumbled and perhaps our corrupted government in the US will follow suit swiftly. These are my intentions in which i send out to the universe on a daily basis. And The Universe is very giving with respect to intent ;)

good point
16th July 2013, 05:42
The Romantic languages may be some indication of Roman culture. Multinational corporations are given extreme powers through emergent managerial resourcing in restricted conditions that are under a standard. Real American's lack a fair chance to get a Ph.D. and aren't following up, to any extent, the length in which they can go in political boundaries of their geography. Julian deserves support. Snowden is in China.

16th July 2013, 12:09
Snowden is in China.
He's in Russia now. He flew from Hong Kong to Moscow on June 23, 2013. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertolsen/2013/06/23/edward-snowden-leaves-hong-kong-for-russia-final-destination-unclear/)