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17th July 2013, 02:19
Life of Tesla
Tue 07-16
W. Bernard Carlson is a Professor at the University of Virginia. He'll discuss how Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution at the turn of the 20th century, and one of America's first celebrity scientists, enjoying the company of NY high society, and regaling the press with tales of his inventions like the particle beam weapon.

"This is shaping up to be a real "Coast Classic." I might have to call in.


Bill Ryan
17th July 2013, 02:37

The Murder of Nikola Tesla

This extract below was copied from the Project Camelot Nikola Tesla tribute page (http://projectcamelot.org/tesla.html).

For over a year, I'd received many messages asking why Tesla had not been profiled on the Camelot tribute pages, as other pioneers had been who'd given their lives for their work.

My response was always: "Tesla had not been murdered". But then I began to realize that I might be wrong.

The story that follows is little-known. You researchers reading this, click on the links with interest.

The reality of Tesla's murder was brought home to us after listening to this most interesting audio interview (http://arcticbeacon.com/audio/2006/2006-RBN/01-2006-RBN/0117-2006-RBN-Hr2.mp3) (to download: PC users right-click, Mac users option-click). Here, Eric Bermen tells Greg Syzmanski how he discovered his former girlfriend was the daughter of ex-Nazi SS Commando Otto Skorzeny, and thereby quite by chance met the elderly Skorzeny who had been living for years in the US, working as a carpenter with a new identity supplied by the CIA after WWII.

Bermen (who sometimes uses the pseudonym Eric Orion) heard a full confession from Skorzeny, who was nearing the end of his life, and was given a shoebox full of over a hundred photographs to substantiate his claims. Among a number of other highly significant revelations (http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm), Bermen heard from Skorzeny that he had personally suffocated Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943, assisted by fellow-Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Tesla was then 86 years old.

According to Skorzeny, he and Gehlen had tricked Tesla the previous day into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries. After the murder, they stole the contents of Tesla's safe, which were delivered to Hitler. (Note, of course, that the US military would have fully repatriated this treasure trove of innovation through Project Paperclip at the end of the war.)

Bermen's book is available here (http://www.thebushconnection.com/) - in which a large number of Skorzeny's extraordinary photographs are published - and a useful discussion of Skorzeny's claims can be found here (http://www.wordsforgood.org/mirrors/educate-yourself.org/cn/martinbormannphotostocompare02jul07.shtml) and here (http://www.wordsforgood.org/mirrors/educate-yourself.org/cn/familythatpreystogethercompared24aug07.shtml). Of great importance - not only regarding Tesla - is the research detail contained in this very comprehensive Don Nicoloff article (http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm), which we encourage all readers to study carefully.

17th July 2013, 02:45
Thank you Bill for the research.

17th July 2013, 11:36
As a reader of sci-fi , it has become very difficult to progress through a single week without feeling the loss of what that man tried to give the rest of us...

17th July 2013, 11:51
Here is the episode.


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17th July 2013, 14:01
This infoTainment contains an excelent summary of Tesla vr Edison... it has a lot of information for "what it is"

With 16 million views, one would hope some follow up research was conducted on Tesla.....

if nothing else 16 million minds have been implanted with a bit of truth (subconsciously if nothing else)