View Full Version : Does long-lost pyramid discovery rival those of Giza?

17th July 2013, 18:14
Mysterious, pyramid-like structures spotted in the Egyptian desert by an amateur satellite archaeologist might be long-lost pyramids after all, according to a new investigation into the enigmatic mounds.
Angela Micol, who last year found the structures using Google Earth 5,000 miles away in North Carolina, says puzzling features have been uncovered during a preliminary ground proofing expedition, revealing cavities and shafts.


Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/07/16/does-long-lost-pyramid-discovery-rival-those-giza/#ixzz2ZKMDGe4y


17th July 2013, 18:39
Thanks for covering these topics, Skywizard. :)

17th July 2013, 22:04
This is fascinating, THANKS


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18th July 2013, 01:02
After the brilliant use of LIDAR and discovery of probable cities and monuments of ancient Egypt many RV'ers have been tasked to look for certain Tombs, Artifacts and "Items"...
Thanks for the photo's... these are the best I have seen.

Check out the LIDAR Images taken from SPACE that are in this story and link. Please check it out... Some of them almost remind me of the old photo's of MARS.





18th July 2013, 03:13
What ??? you mean those pyramid builders , built those things all over the earth ??? as well as mars ??? and the moon ??? how did egyptians get to mars ??? how did egyptians get to north carolina ??? the world was flat, wouldn't they fall off the edge ??? did the gods of egypt have spaceships or something ??? man they needed alot of cell towers ooooops I mean pyramids to call home now and then ... you know certain stones amplifiy vibrations , If lined up with stars , and there is other pyramids on those stars , vibrations might be transferred ... hello , hello , bring the big guns on the next shipment there is some large reptiles running around on this planet trampling up the gardens ...