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Poly Hedra
20th July 2013, 09:27
Heads up! This radio show is actually broadcast over real live radio in the UK.
Its on every Sunday... I have listened to a few of them on youtube but never on air.

The page that describes the team best describes the show:
Theyve recently had David Icke and Graham Hancock on.
This is an excerpt from their youtube page:
"Planet X is now online Worldwide @ www.planetxlive.co.uk we will be joined every week with various eXperts to talk all things paranormal, alien cover-ups, UFO, conspiracies, alternative news and much more...."

Mr Hancock

The more the merrier, I say!

golden lady
20th July 2013, 16:57
Will make a point of listening thanks connec

20th July 2013, 17:36
they need an interview with Bill ( the hat) Ryan ... then a follow up with Kerry as a special quest ...