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20th July 2013, 19:24

Published on Jul 15, 2013
PSI researcher and experiencer Starfire Tor, who discussed time shifts and time slips as well as other strange occurrences involving time. During the first 90 minutes, they were joined by Whitley Strieber, who shared his take on Tor's research. He mused that these time anomalies suggest that "the boundary between the classical and quantum worlds is actually fuzzier than we would like to believe." Despite the far-reaching implications of such research, Tor lamented, "no scientist, except myself, ever really tackled these anomalies."

She shared the story of one instance where she claims to have documented a time shift taking place. She explained that she and one of her research partners had noticed the phenomenon appearing to take place in a region of Southern California, so they went to a parking lot in the area and filmed it. Upon returning three months later, they found that a massive Circuit City building now stood in the once-empty parking lot. Tor alleged that the store employees all said that the building had been there for a year. However, upon re-examining the video tape from three months prior, she exclaimed "where the Circuit City was now ... there was nothing! It's just a parking lot!"

Another time anomaly which Tor discussed was what she called a "time shift living-dead person." This phenomenon happens when one remembers knowing that someone has died, often a celebrity, but then later finds out that they are actually still alive. One such instance of this occurring, she said, is with Nelson Mandela, a case often mentioned by Art on in the past. Tor suggested that this enigmatic scenario is the result of a time shift, where, in the new timeline, the deceased person is no longer dead. As a result, she said, the brain develops a "dual memory time line conflict," where one remembers a past event that no longer happened.


Starfire Tor is a respected psi researcher, scholar, author, and experiencer who discovered the "Unified Field Theory of Psi", "Time Shifts", "The Core Matrix", and has developed applied "Reality Shift" psience including "Reality Shift Manifestation". Her life and work have been written about in many publications, she's appeared on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland a number of times, she herself is published and was the head science writer for "Quest Magazine", and at one time was the chief brain at a private think tank.

Starfire Tor is currently working on her innovative interactive television series "Earthquirks", which incorporates her cutting edge research and discoveries, vast knowledge, published works, lectures, interviews, field investigations, and internet presence.

21st July 2013, 16:28
I experienced something unusual a few weeks ago which might be explained by this theory:
I was dropping blood sample from a patient at the nearby hospital which I know very well and know a lot of the people there since I used to work there a few years ago, while I was coming toward the door this man dressed in a black suit with a clean cut looked at me and said hi to me pronouncing my name as if he knew me very well, I was chocked and surprised because I have never seen this man before.

21st July 2013, 21:45
i meet a lot of people in my line of work, some 29+ years now.
i swear a lot of them i have met before, which is highly unlikely as my work takes me to various parts of the US and Canada.
kinda the opposite of what you expressed, earthadvocate, but along the same lines i'd say.