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21st July 2013, 11:04

"Published on Jul 21, 2013
A sick building inhibits circulation and likely has too many right angles, we become uncovered by positive ions, hence our need to "Recover" and why many buildings can nowadays be seen to have running water fountains."


21st July 2013, 12:51
Yes, I learned about it in the "IMAGOGREEN" 2 years ago when I took the LEED courses for energy efficiency, building efficiency, soil erosion and I came up with a all natural soil rejuvenation mixture, that plants love and the nectar brings gives bees a healthy crop to pollinate to and from. I use no chemicals in my gardens and use high power misting to remove pests. Natural earth lime ground to a fine powder to cover surfaces where I don't wish ants to tread.
Buildings and even the furniture you buy, carries so many chemicals that are carcinogenic, and filtered through circulation through a home. When contractors/construction crews finish a home, did you know they give a 72 hour "air out," to blow any chemicals from filtration fibers, caulking, paint, plaster or finishing stain fumes out. Totally toxic to move right in without doing so. When the tenant or owner finds out after moving in, "all of a sudden allergic" reactions and have to go to the doc. Furniture/floor varnish and stain.

Be careful that you don't over clean or over use where the lingering chemical fumes, cause health hazards to your tenants or their children.

PS Molds in walls fall in that category of "sbs" slumlords know it, and they cover it up, but mold doesn't go away, until you remove it with concentrated bleach to render it harmless. Iodized powered salt, can do the same purpose, but hey, it's all about the "owner's choices" when building and the codes of the state, city, or town they are building in.
When cities or states "have NO regulations or outdated regulations" that don't pertain to the massive different chemical production since the laws on the books were wrote, you have more people with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and sometimes kidney failure, if they are already highly susceptible to chemical poisons or allergens.

21st July 2013, 13:41
Yeah thanks Lifebringer, totally agree with these points. Through my career, I worked in a number of offices which were sick buildings- also in construction site offices in basements with no windows and no air circulation. I remember the stresses and the problems everybody had at work, a lot of time missed thru sick leave. I used to have to take 6 panadol a day just to keep going. This syndrome is totally underestimated IMO.

22nd July 2013, 04:03
Next time I remodel my house -- and remodels are coming up within the next 2 years -- I would like to go completely green and non-toxic -- would you have any links to resources for designing / building - straw bail for instance -- is it possible to retrofit an existing home with straw bail walls etc?