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21st July 2013, 12:11
One of the main reasons 'used up front' for internet sites that become filled with the latest outrages and fears of the day is that 'people need to know what is going on'

I myself will chant whenever possible, 'People can not say No! if they do not know'

This can lead a person to a place of wondering, Where's the hope?
Chemtrails, Niburu, psychotic leaders, criminal cults, soul eating aliens, Gaia is pi***** off, poisoned vaccines, lions n tigers and bears .....

People in general still giggle at my optimism and certainty that something else is going on also. From recent medical training I learned there are text book diagnosis that require drugs and extreme therapy to explain some of what I accept as real. *LOL*

If I could go back in time and warn myself of what this age would be like, I would have facts and figures and signatures and pictures, fully prepared for the debunking of my opines and what is witnessed since 1986.

This may be why I heard a chuckle when turning down the ready made book and telling the crew I wanted to find real stories, down here where the rubber meets the road that would be believable to regular folk about what is possible for us. How we can connect and work together.

My assertion is that just as we need to know what's going wrong, it could be helpful to fresh seekers to know the kind of foundation which has been created for them, with tools that already function.

This short story is an attempt to do so.

'Something' is working with/for us ...

'I' = 1 of many 1,000 ~

Browsing through the gift shop of a roadside tourist attraction, I spied a fine walking staff. Heard the thought, "Wayne would love that." I agreed and purchased it with intention of taking it to him on the way home.

Wayne was a very old, tired and angry man. He wanted to die and resented each sunrise. He was a genius whose house was filled with art and things he engineered when younger, but his body was done being useful. He could hardly walk or take care of basic needs and he resented that.

There were 3 of us who did our best to show him he was loved. We called him brother. One worked as his aide when needed and us other 2 would do anything for him. He cried over birthday cake in his honor, actually asking, "Why are you so nice to me?"

On the way home from the gift shop, we stopped by his place and knocked on the door. He didn't answer. Knowing where the key is we let ourselves in, calling his name loud, letting him know we were there. I found him in the back room, stuck in mid-movement between sitting and standing, one hand on a window sill all that was keeping him from falling.

He did not know how long he was stuck there, he just wished for help then heard me walk into room, "Hey Wayne, will this help?," holding up this fine walking staff. His smile was wonderful. His other hand now had something to lean upon and he stood up under his own power.

This stuff is humbling. One can't brag that 'I' did anything more than respond to the feeling in my heart, which led me to commit an act which served someone I loved. It was nearly a selfish act on my part yet it served someone else.

Since the first time I jumped off a cliff or fell down a rabbit hole or whatever metaphor you wish to use, mystery has repeated this lesson over and over of how simple things can be for us.

The event above was orchestrated by whatever is shared tween us 4 people in the story. This 'mystery' caused us to get a publication in the mailbox round about 1988. No internet yet and we did not know of each other at that time. 1 person in Pennsylvania, 1 in Oklahoma and 2 in Arkansas. We never learned of each other until about 1996, 'randomly' via spiritual chat rooms.

This stuff is humbling. One can't brag that 'I/We' did anything more than respond to the feeling in our heart which the information in the publication sparked.
It was nearly a selfish act on our part yet it is still serving others to this day.

There were several 1,000 people on that list. I think it's safe to assume this type of thing repeated many times with people who joined in just that one single club of the 100s which were started world-wide.

The point of this is to suggest a solution for many things is this simple:
If we act upon what is in our heart, our desire can become part of the program.
We'll meet other people that we are in tune with, that have made similar wishes. Most importantly though, is that there is 'something' (damn hard to pick a word that doesn't exclude someone) that can see the whole picture and can nudge things and it works best when we are flowing.

I can't imagine how some group of evil guys in a backroom could have manipulated 4 lives in this manner across a span of 8 years and 1,450 miles. Not saying it's impossible but my life is lived by, no matter what schemes anyone else has going, 'Something' is working with what's going on in our hearts.

"But what about the people who want to kill us, the New Madrid Fault Line, the NWO, Bill Gates for god's sake?"

This 'Something' is bigger than the fears they feed us.

"You've had direct boots-on-the-ground assistance for a very long time working with this aspect of a shared reality that serves everyone, making it real."

The hall is rented and the band has been paid.
The dance is yours.

21st July 2013, 12:40
This stuff is humbling. One can't brag that 'I' did anything more than respond to the feeling in my heart, which led me to commit an act which served someone I loved. It was nearly a selfish act on my part yet it served someone else.

Yes it can be a joy when one follows the prompting of the heart and then you come to realize that the Heart Knew something way before you did :)

21st July 2013, 13:11
I agree, much is working. Thus far, my life has been like a pleasant dream. That's not to say that trouble hasn't come my way. It has, but it was always followed by a helping hand that pulled me get back up.

My day starts in a beautiful sanctuary. I leave it to extend a hand to another and say a silent prayer of gratitude and also request forgiveness for sometimes failing to notice all that is done for my benefit. What some might consider coincidence is not at all. As Earl Nightingale would say, "The world is like a mirror. It reflects back what we give out."

21st July 2013, 13:25
A commentor to this video left this:
In this video Jonathan Zittrain debunks the common notions that our species can only be motivated by personal advantage and finds unity with others is still a fundamental human condition.

The thin geeky line. They keep it all going just for the fun of it.
This gentleman tells a different story of how the internet works in the background than what we are normally told.
I'm not versed in geek well enough to argue either way.

He does give several real-world examples of how people can accomplish great things, doing what they love, serving all of us and having fun.

Towards 16:00 he describes the kind of mods 'n members helping out here.

Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as random acts of kindness


21st July 2013, 14:09
Lovely thread, and the TED talker totally confirms my own opinion, which might even go further than he does:
The Internet is the return of Christ.

All the forces of separation and hatred and egotism suddenly got slapped on the head with a 'fish'...
and the opposite force of love and unity is finally creating balance again.

21st July 2013, 15:30
Lovely thread, and the TED talker totally confirms my own opinion, which might even go further than he does:
The Internet is the return of Christ.

All the forces of separation and hatred and egotism suddenly got slapped on the head with a 'fish'...
and the opposite force of love and unity is finally creating balance again.

The internet is certainly aiding in the reawakening of it here on Earth.

I worked hard with the word crafting to call it 'Something' that does not alienate anyone because this truly is all inclusive.
It works with everyone individually according to where they are.

Christ is not understood by many people yet as anything other than the last name of some guy named Jesus and the term here could imply a religion/church/guru is required.

Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Security Cameras -


21st July 2013, 16:49
I/m just a normal every day guy, out of work for long time duo to ill health and a mashed skeleton etc. I live day to day with no pre-defined structure, mainly helping the wife help her daughter and her ill ex who is a good friend, we help each other along.
I try to better myself and the right in lightening knowledge etc.

Well my point being even someone like me just to get through one day uses a massive amount of un-realized senses and behind the scene powers, just in a normal every day way! Take driving as an example, masses of timing, geometry calculations going on and other senses like predicting the future all while just driving!

But yes there is far more going on above and beyond, something is helping us through it all, giving us that extra protection and abilities so we our selves can do more. Something is working mainly behind the scenes with us for us for sure!

The more we simply tune into it the more it helps us and others around us.
+ the more we try to engage with this power/help the greater the effect and it becomes direct-able.
I find doing to much moving around to hard for me but I try to keep engaged in a joyful way, I try to help awaken people I meet, I try to energize myself and do physic good and spread good energies.

All this is being helped from outside of my normal abilities, there is a helping hand and an over seeing mind I'm sure!

21st July 2013, 18:26
It's refreshing to see threads that tackles the how's and why's and also carry a positive energy in the midst of mostly threads that tackles the what where and when that carry the doom and gloom message.

Some of my recent post.

1.The aquaphinocs part is good, you should do it. The survival part is fear porn. What a pity if people will have to do something because of survival and not because of the love and joy of it.

message: do something out of joy

2.I prefer lessons not warnings. Oh is there any difference?

message: warning denotes urgency doom and gloom, lesson denotes leisure and joy

3.Reminds me of the principle of birth and death come and go. can observe from a simple cell in the body to nations. So what if humans vanish or the earth as well. Helps to accept what can't be change.

message: everything that is born will die. it helps to be at peace with something that is normal

4.Wow.. beautiful alive magnifico. We are lucky indeed.thanks
What will happen? How will we live in the New World that's now emerging?
Whatever happens , go with that beautiful flow, as one avalonian put it "live like water"

message: it's a beautiful world.

5.good point which leads me to think that the health of the tail is not dependent on itself but rather to the dog.

message: we are a part of a bigger, "all that is" ; "that something that is working for us" and our future depend on this not us.

with all the negative energy that surrounds us it is normal to be carried on to their direction. We'll need more of this threads that reminds us of the most fundamental knowledge that every single one of us already knew. That's the reason we are here to help each one remind each one. Sad but true this forum is loaded with doom and gloom energy. While it is true that we need to know all of this negatives in order for us to avoid it, let's make it an education not warning.

have fun. two words that I have included in many of my post

22nd July 2013, 02:19
Simply ..... Thank you

22nd July 2013, 04:51
'I' = 1 of many 1,000

I've seen a few of you mention a need for some real-world tools, or 'hows' since I signed on a short time ago and each time a slight nagging inside suggested it was time to try and share some of this. The way newcomers here are treated with respect tells me this is the place.

When things first kicked into high gear on a concious level, it was in a city with 700,000 people to connect with and a job driving taxi cab for my lessons to play out in. Here and now we have millions on the internet.

Anyone can use search engines and find stories from taxi drivers around the world who experienced fun stuff out there on the streets. Each through their own lense.

My lense in 1986, the starting point for the man is that their is a 'loving father God' that in the very beginning, intended for us to enjoy our life here.

Smart people will debate that there is no God, we create our own reality and live under the 'illusion' of whatever we believe in.

My reply is, okay, if we create our own reality and have to live in it, what's the problem with believing we have a loving father for awhile that's waited forever for us to see him? I think loving mother, dear departed grandmother or friendly ET would work just as well.

The last person I used that on sent back the message "Grow Up!" :)

The only things in my taxi that a person could use to read me with were a picture of my GF holding our son (1,500 miles away) that covered up the speedometer and my cut-off t-shirt that said 'Life's a Beach' on it yet total strangers would often start conversations directly related to the lesson of the day.

While exploring the concept of Christ within us, I had people get in my taxi and strike up a conversation about Jesus. One young lady even seemed surprised, "Wow, you really believe in Jesus don't you?" She had been praying about a personal problem with someone who considered her a nutcase for being a Christian. Dad sent me.

Again, 'I' can't take credit for anything more than trusting all was well and this was a classroom. 'Something' was arranging things in background based upon us as individuals. The best part of this story that I hope to convey proper like: There were 1,000s of us all over the planet stepping out at the same time that year and continuously ever since.

There was one point where I questioned this concept of my being selfish yet serving a greater good. Mystery arranged to address this.

One night, just for the fun of it, I asked my friends to set up a free ride for someone stranded. This was selfish on my part to the extent that I was practicing creating things and I enjoyed the feeling of gratitude that comes from people when they click that you are real.

Within an hour, I come upon a hitch-hiker and after assuring him it wasn't some kind of trick, he got in and we're headed to Jonestown, about 25 miles away. It sounds crazy I know, to be giving away free rides but this was school and the bills were always paid.

This man was in same boat as me financially, mentioned something about an inheritance he was due soon. All in all we had a great time meeting and after dropping him off

This is from a short story I penned:

After dropping him off I drove away feeling very satisfied in accomplishing something wonderful. The night had a few hours left before the dawn would bring the madness of 400,000 people trying to get to work. I drove slowly, hoping the dispatcher would give me a fare back to town.

About 5 minutes down the road, a man, wearing nothing more than a swimsuit, ran into the road and began frantically waving me down.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Fear told me to check all around for some kind of trick. I opened the window and he immediately began pleading with me to call the police for him.
I told him to get in.

As we drove off, he told me how his car had been stolen by some guys out by the lake last night.

These thugs had beat him handcuffed, then drove him around for hours, threatening to kill him. They must have changed their minds though because they dumped him in a ditch out here.

-"I've been hiding in the bushes for hours.
They came back looking for me once.
I only came out now because
I saw the light on your taxi."

I called the dispatcher and told him of the situation. Just as I asked for location of the nearest Sheriffs office, I saw it to my right. Williamson County, Sheriff's department. Must have missed it on my way in. After a few questions from the rather curious police. I bought the gentleman a soda and went back to work.

My friends had shown me that by doing
what I wished,
creating a deed for my own intentions,
I could Be
where the universe
could utilize my desire.

That man in the ditch only came out because of the light on my taxi. His fear kept him in the ditch hiding for hours, only a 7 minute walk away from safety.

The universe filled his need and taught me a lesson at the same time.

Our individual desire,
as a personality,
is part of the picture,
part of creation's desire.

******* That was my take on it when first trying to write this stuff down. Again I will assert, even if it's a 'false reality' like smart people say, it works, it serves us all, no strings, no contracts and hearts have been building this 'network' for as long as any bad guys have been building theirs.

23rd July 2013, 14:15
Thank you for the comments and nods. This is one of them cases where believing becomes seeing. A young man who had no clue made a wish 27 years ago to be able to tell this much of the story to a bunch of people someday. I'm off the hook now. May take up painting next.

Will close this with a short one that may give some of you a laugh, yet it is an example of what the fresh seekers you stir from slumber run into out here.

One day without paying attention really, I stumbled upon a place called God Like Productions. Wonderful name eh? I read a couple of posts that chimed somehow, got all giddy when I saw one where they asked the question, "Why do you believe in God?" ~ I was a member that afternoon and offered tales like those above.

For those who know the place, perhaps I should have warned you not to be drinking coffee.

I did not know they made animated icons of steaming piles of poop and I met people who can hate on a Christian so well one could feel it through the screen. As many of you know, hate is a real energy.

David Icke is correct when he speaks of the power of ridicule and I think it's been used expertly on the internet.
I'm glad it doesn't get room to play here much.

This 'Something' and the seeming friends to come with it, never dissed my roots. They helped me understand what was wrong with the politics, dogma and control mechanisms of religions. Kind of like ya'all do here for people paying attention.
They did not attack my faith. They worked with it as it became knowing.


30th July 2013, 05:21
The hall is rented and the band has been paid.
The dance is yours.
I moved this thread to the General Discussion sub-forum, as you requested.

30th July 2013, 05:27
That was quick. Thank you :)

30th July 2013, 05:30
Lovely thread, and the TED talker totally confirms my own opinion, which might even go further than he does:
The Internet is the return of Christ.

All the forces of separation and hatred and egotism suddenly got slapped on the head with a 'fish'...
and the opposite force of love and unity is finally creating balance again.


30th July 2013, 15:35
Thank you Another1 for sharing! As those who know me know I am the eternal optimist.

I choose to keep my eyes on the prize and keep my eyes looking for/at all that is well in the world.

And there is so so very much that is well in the world and I am forever grateful for that!

Much love, peace, and fun to us all!!! :grouphug:

2nd August 2013, 06:14
A friend has prompted me to keep adding here and not stop just yet. My goals have been met but maybe I can spark a grin or 2 yet.

To give an example of the kind of influence upon me while trusting so much, I offer a short story written tongue-in-cheek to some of the early profesional, for profit, new age teachers I noticed infesting the internet.

I was trying to be light, polite and remind them of all the work already done.

Since this writing, (perhaps 1995) I have experienced situations of total data overflow from one direction or another to the point of absurdity and in a respect, disrupting things I knew were real.

The mind is a curious thing and can be manipulated even when you're doing your damnest to retain control.

Got A Match?

22221....Amazing thing happened last night. Thomas Edison came to visit, must have been slumming in his time machine .... It was dark in the room, so I suggested turning on some light, so I could see him better. He offered a match for a candle. I declined saying, "I can just turn on the light."

"Oh you silly young man", he responded. "You can't just turn on a light, it takes years of work. Why I dedicated an entire lifetime to this task."

"But sir", I replied, "Thanks to you, I can just go flip a switch over there, and have all the light I want."

He proceeded to explain the years of trial, thousands of failed experiments and the personal fulfillment of the struggle. Oh there was fighting with depression, the insults of disbelievers and the concerns over money as he found his way, but no matter. He truly felt that the struggle itself was the icing on the cake of life.

I was so happy for him that I became drawn into the romance of his reality, feeling so full of energy myself, having been given such an intriguing mission.

Setting out to do it his way, I walked across the dark room to get a candle, tripped over the footstool breaking my big toe, and bumped into the china cabinet, sending a shower of glass across the living room. Ah Life, it's great.

.....Back later, still have a mess to clean up.