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22nd July 2013, 10:12
Here we can ask question's, of which I am not sure when or how it will be answered.. I hope it is some sort of formal talkback on the television or in a decent setting.. that gets coverage..
I hope he just does not write back in messages online.. It would disappoint me greatly.. I'm sure no votes would head his way if he did that..
Non the less lets give it a go Aussies

Assange? do it right mate...


Ask Assange

Founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is running for the Australian Senate.

The WikiLeaks Party is running on a platform of transparency, accountability and justice; this is your chance to ask its no. 1 candidate what this means.

Post and and vote for questions here. The winning question-askers will join a Google Hangout with Julian Assange on August 20 live with

but then there is his residence how does he get here?

If he did fluke election, could he take his seat? Probably not, as if he steps outside of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to take his seat, he would be arrested and extradited to Sweden. At some point after 1 July 2014 his seat would be declared vacant by reason of absence and the relevant State parliament would be permitted to fill his vacancy, with the qualification that the person must be a member of Assange's party.

Here is the latest on the Wikileaks party

The WikiLeaks Party is starting from a small base of 1,500 members, recruiting friends and neighbours to the cause and now calling out for volunteers around Australia.

Assange's father, John Shipton, is the party secretary. He says transparency, accountability and justice are its key aims.

"I think that that's appropriate at this time," he said, "particularly as you see the NSA and Snowden revelations of spying on private emails and private phone conversations all over the world."

Jump in check the site do what feels right