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22nd July 2013, 12:40
Over stimulation

We are embodied beings in an over-simulated environment.

Our whole essence is spiritual.
Through ignorance of not recognising our true nature we inhabit a body,
with sensitive senses and minds. Somehow we have to balance respect
for this relative existence with our absolute nature.

Our senses are not dull, but our brains may be dulled and strangely, this
creates overactivity in our minds. Our Essence can never be affected:
its natural clarity is always present, and is only clouded by
the contents of our minds.

We are so distracted that the mind is in over-load, therefore we are
confused and the senses are far too stimulated. This creates obsessions,
which is exhausting the body and mind.
The effect of this is that we cannot even think straight!

Desire, begets frustration, and so we desire more...that is addiction.

Our sole purpose is to know our true nature, nothing else, except for
genuine compassion for others in the same predicament.
To put it simply...we are easily distracted.

We have to be spiritual engineers
to counter social engineering.
That is what meditation is all about...



22nd July 2013, 13:10
Isn't it interesting how much of our lives is spend in 'media' speculations...

22nd July 2013, 17:07
If you don't have the time, just listen to the last couple of minutes at 7.00mins.
The Dumber downers use students and teachers sensitivity.



22nd July 2013, 17:12
I believe there is a song that illustrates what you are talking about.


You know, I put the version just displaying the lyrics up, but it just doesn't have the same punch the real video has.


22nd July 2013, 18:31
Culture is a two edged sword, whether it's high brow or low brow.
It can either inspire or make us self indulgent and obsessed.

(by "inspire", I mean leave us in a silent satisfying neutral state
...maybe leave a tear...)