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Nanoo Nanoo
22nd July 2013, 21:38
present culture and influence of where relationships are headed. two videos presented by the opposite sexes and imo well done in investigating the problems of gender within the own gender on behalf of the other sex. very interesting.

This video is very interesting apraisil of womens sensitivities and is important to understand feminist attitudes in a practical manner which is hugely valuable.

In the interest of understanding each other these videos are highly valuable.



i am concerned more with where we are headed not so much as couples but as our opinions of each other.

my belief about coupling in society today is perhaps something that needs another way of looking at it, or at least the suggestion is important more over the net result of such. rather than viewing partnering from a traditional stand point it would be poignant to take another look at the modern version of partnership.

ie , aside from procreation , what do we wish for during a partnership ?

what friendship values are important to us ?

how can we respect each other and get back to being in love again ?

i am fearful of todays trends in partnering in that i see its getting away from the true essence of loving one another. i feel too much importance is placed on the material acruance of " stuff " as opposed to enriching and edifying each other and getting back to communicating in away that brings adventure within the partnership.

and please forgive my choice of videos if you dont think they are representative .. in all reality its difficult to present something that caters for everybody however i think they are good in that they get us to think and discuss and i hope that it becomes something that enriches the informational tranfer of mental technology in understanding not only one another but also where we are headed and hopefully re defining what it all means for our selves.

will this thread change relationships for the planet ? most probably not .. but it may just inspire one person .. and thats all i hope for : 0 )

love and hugs


PS i tried to find a video presented my a man that i liked but couldnt. I found the womens sensitivities and thoughtfulness rang better for me .. if you find any good examples please post them.

thank you

Nanoo Nanoo
22nd July 2013, 22:00
I want to elaborate on my reasoning for this thread .. i cannot hide as the little perfect and together ant .. i often put aside my life terror situations to appear the one you can turn to .. to appear to always be the one thats steady and dependable.. and in most cases i am. But to be honest i have to acknowledge to my self and publicly " i am vulnerable and in a bit of a pickle "

i have absolutely noidea what to do with my relationship ... i am in a situation where i am with a woman that i love very much but cannot see it being a sustainable long term thing. we have such different views on life and logic that its so frustrating to the point i find my self medicating against its effects. if i were to look back over the last 4 years i was happiest and most spiritual whilst i was single. i have been in hugelysuccessful relationships where i got along with my partner famously and were hand in glove in pretty much every way .. i have even achieved un conditional trust in one relationship ( which gives me hope )

so i know it canhappen as i have experienced it .. but my deeper question is " is it my karma or my stupidity that keeps me in things that dont suit me ?"

whyam i trying to repair things that appear to be broken to me ? is this my function ? to get inside the heads of people who seem broken and present a perspective that may make a difference for them ? in genuine concern for their evolution ?

all i can do is just keep going in the hope i did the right thing ,. and hope for love to be something i can bask in on a soul level... what am i missing out on being concerned with someone im not compatible with ? what will i regret not passing on to this person and doing my part in helping their time line ?

if i was to go with my deepest joy i would sell eveything and just go live on an island and help the locals and build a parasdise..

life to me means enriching your enviroment through being a good torch for love... in this sometimes it means having to go through the fire of change and resentment .. i want it to be over but i dont want to shirk my function.


22nd July 2013, 22:46
Maybe it's because people want everything.

No compromise, no sacrifice.

Nanoo Nanoo
22nd July 2013, 23:30
Maybe it's because people want everything.

No compromise, no sacrifice.

Thank you violet

there is definitely a sence of this and its a well encapsulated responce.

how does the psychology of these traits convert into a meaning we can work with to counter the effects ? what are the basics of relationships to draw upon in order to make these things work again.

Posssibly using the back drop of society over the last 50 years as a reference.

what things have changed for the worse for couples in this regard ?

If i can offer a kick off to this. I see that in say 1950 it was possible for a single income family to buy a house. The average wage was 430 pound which is equivalent to about 45000 aud today in terms of purchasing power including inflative devices.

the average house cost between 6000 to 15000 to purchase. The cost to run the house hold woulld have been about 10,000 which left plenty to raise children and have a single income. This made paying off a house possible in 5 years which was the average plan.

This plays a huge factor in how this has put pressure on couples to Perform financially and take the focus of creating a relationship.

today both have to work and earn 100,000 between them to buy an average home and have a family however they are in debt for the next 20 years at least.

this shift the importance of family values and romance over to assets. this is the biggest debilitator in successful couplings imo.