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23rd July 2013, 03:04
Meet Tim Cridland: Who in his own words has the ability to "block the pain out."



Meet Kirby Roy: The Human Shield- Dude can take a 1000 pound kick to the groin:eek:

These are from Stan Lee's Superhumans series on the History channel

23rd July 2013, 03:14
I post this in hopes of creating a discussion of sorts over the topic of: Is pain just an illusion? Can we reprogram our bodies to simply not respond to the stimulus of pain as Tim and Kirby have done here? And if so how?

I love this Thoreau quote on the subject of the ability to withstand pain to the nth degree:
[17] " The Jesuits were quite balked by those Indians who, being burned at the stake, suggested new modes of torture to their tormentors."
Taking from "Walden"

23rd July 2013, 04:16
There are people who are born without the sensation of touch. It's a curse really. Not knowing if you get a cut or break a bone.

There is also mind over matter. Shaolin monks can control heart rate, ignore pain and more.

I always wondered if one could master the ultimate in body and mind control. Could one kill one self just through thought alone....?

Ilie Pandia
23rd July 2013, 04:36

Look at hypno-anesthesia. That is very strong evidence that the pain sensation can be "re-routed" to be felt as pressure or even totally suppressed. Pain, in itself, is just a signal letting us know that something is wrong. Suppressing the pain is not always a good idea!

23rd July 2013, 04:40
Just curious

I wonder if he would feel the pain if someone gave him a good swift kick in the testicles :confused:

23rd July 2013, 12:13
Just curious

I wonder if he would feel the pain if someone gave him a good swift kick in the testicles :confused:

The second video features Kirby Roy who can take a swift kick to the testicles and then some. The video shows that the guy who kicked him has a measured force of 1000 pounds. Not only did he appear to not feel it, but he shakes the guys hand afterward and tells him, nice kick.

23rd July 2013, 12:59
I sometimes feel like Avalon's skeptic, but for this one I'm all in. 100% true, all the way, no doubt in my mind.

I've had cluster headaches (debatably the most painful condition known to man, look it up) and had no choice but to learn to manage the pain. I was inspired by the monks who burned themselves in protest to the Vietnam war. Apparently they weren't screaming in agony but meditating quietly all the way to the end.

When one deals with pain of this nature you learn a lot about the pain itself. Initially (for a good 7 years) my way of dealing with the pain was locking myself up in a dark room, yell, throw things, punch things, whatever. None of that helped the pain though. These actions were done out of desperation. As you're going through the headache you're trying to keep your composure but an hour into it feels like 3hrs then it's easy to lose it all together. You try to vent but it doesn't help. You try to ignore the pain and think of whatever but that doesn't help.

Attempting to ignore the pain is always the exact opposite one wants to do (in the event of a cluster headache, I don't mean any other scenario where pain is involved). If one focuses 100% of their attention to the pain then it just stops hurting. You can feel it, but as long as you can hold the concentration the 'pain' literally feels the same as simple touch. If someone touched you on the shoulder to get your attention that doesn't hurt does it? That's what it reduces the pain down to: virtual non existence.

The thing is your meditation has to be strong or you will fail. At least in my case. This is again, because it requires absolute 100% attention. Any flittering thought hits the reset button. And that thought can lead to other thoughts, then you've got a forest fire of thoughts you're trying to put out.

This is just another reason why meditation is so goddamn important. It's the prep work for life's bs. And that's a re occurring pattern in life: it's all in the prep work, the foundation if you want to call it that.

That being said I've never been able to transfer that ability into anything other than those headaches.

23rd July 2013, 17:00

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