View Full Version : The miracle of numbers

23rd July 2013, 08:58
I'm opening this thread to share as much as we can about miracles of numbers and the secret they hold.

I would start with most important one and that's the golden ratio (phi)- 1.6180...... and the connection to entire universe.

Another interesting number is number 9 and is related to many things. This video explains a lot.

Other numbers that I have found important are these prime numbers 7, 11, 19

If someone has more information about those would be a great help to connect some piece of the puzzle.

william r sanford72
23rd July 2013, 17:15
it was a number.a measurement discoverd by a Rev.L.L. Langstroth around 1850 that changed the way bees are still kept today. a 3/8th of an inch and a 1/2 inch changed everything.Numbers.wow thats a biggie.endless thread..even the bees follow numbers in a way.nature loves patterns.