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23rd July 2013, 19:41
FACT: It is too frequent an occurrence; someone receives an email,(Or Reads a Post) they donít like it, they REALLY donít like it. In person its no problem but reading it they feel a rage course through them and in a few seconds they go from outrage to pressing send on a horrible reply, filled with insults personal slurs the lot. They come to their senses and as a reasonable person realise how stupid theyíve been, but itís too late. But why does this happen? What is the cause of this mysterious Email rage that causes people at keyboards to become more vicious versions of themselves.

The answer is a peculiar condition known as ĎEmail Apnea.í When reading or writing emails a large percentage of people will unconsciously hold their breath. This reduces how much oxygen there is in the blood, casing a lack of oxygen in the brain, the brain panics and higher more reasonable functions are overruled by the more Ďanimalisticí and less developed parts of the brain. This and other biochemical changes accumulates, making one much more rash and prone to anger. Meaning that if someone in this state receives something unpleasant in their inbox they are much more likely than normal to react in a way that everyone will regret.

Before your next diatribe - Take A Breath...

Here is the neat website where this is found. Very educational::confused:

23rd July 2013, 19:52
So where are the rest of the facts, this to me seems to be more theory then anything other (which is fine with me).
The blogger has no other link to back things up.
I have never known anyone personally to go through this, never heard any stories about it.(course it don't mean it aint true)

24th July 2013, 04:20
I suppose every "condition" can be given a name and every sort of rage can be drilled down and given a specific, legitimate diagnosis but in today's world rage seems to be out of control. It seems to me that many people today can not reign in their emotions. They cannot or will not take a few minutes and replace that emotion with rational thought. Most of us here have even seen it on PA, fortunately only once in a while.

I say this tongue in cheek but not entirely!
Quite frankly I suffer from mainstream media rage, a condition brought on by false, misleading or outright erroneous news reports. My options would have been to remove the TV, internet,newspapers, magazines from my life or learn to control the emotion after reading or viewing these stories. I chose to control my emotions.

There is a way to tell when you have succeeded at gaining total control. Why you read a story that spouts the same views that you believe but you recognize that the story is full of misleading statements, innuendo, fake statistics and just plain bad reporting. Instead of feeling good because it falls in line with your beliefs (which is what most people do) your simply irritated because the publication, website or media outlet has done harm to what you consider a very worthy cause. Coming to this conclusion is a strong indicator that you have control over your emotions and the ability to prevent rage!