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24th July 2013, 16:57
Ancient egyptian glyphs in australian rock show 8 different types of UFOs by Steven Strong :


Steven & Evan Strong website: forgottenorigin.com (http://forgottenorigin.com)

27th July 2013, 21:17
Rex Gilroy on the same site :


Mike Gorman
28th July 2013, 16:40
It's a long bow, and could be an academic 'joke'-or it could be ancient Egyptians , I am not going to call it.

28th July 2013, 16:58
It's a long bow. It could be an academic joke. There is no proof of ancient Egyptians in Western Australia by the way...

29th September 2013, 21:52
The glyphs have been considered controversial since becoming known to the modern world (unsurprisingly) but as Steve and Evan have rightly said, and as we clarify in our co-authored book, there is far more to that area than just the glyphs within the three walled enclosure. If one considers everything found so far the idea of a hoax goes out the window for any rational thinker. There are now several separate locations around Kariong where Egyptian hieroglyphs have been located, at least two metal objects, a bone, an Olivite chisel (believed to be of Egyptian Olivite), a mass of star markers in rock, numerous Original people engravings and an entire ancient abandoned settlement made from stone (unlike anything Original people would live in). For any hoaxer to do all this out in the middle of nowhere is both near impossible to achieve and of no purpose considering how hard it was to find all this and that nobody has claimed responsibility to gain anything fro this activity (after decades).

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