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1st April 2010, 01:21
I have been thinking and contacting a few people about how to prioritize a list of what you need to have and what you need to be prepared for...

get water filters, stock up on food, get a weapon, buy land, squirrel away money (out of the bank), buy equipment, get a house in the country, buy self-sufficiency books, get healthy, get seeds, convert dollars into gold or silver, get car fixed, get bug-out bag...

... AND pay bills, ... ... ??

needless to say... I have become very confused on what to do first...??

I talked to a gentleman that frequents another chatroom... he suggested to get the core necessities before you do anything else...

1-air (does that mean make orgonite? or get a gas mask?)
2-water (ok thats a given- get good filters, and get extras) www.armchairsurvivalist.com (very inexpensive and great)
3-food (at least a years worth of food stocked up- start with beans and rice, oatmeal- stuff that will store easily )ok so now where do I keep it?

and then what??

THE eXchanger
1st April 2010, 02:03

1st April 2010, 02:09
well; i packed away a lot of food - about 2 years ago - this spring, the outside animals were well feed LOL

haha... yes that does contradict the fear package of scarecity TPTB want you to believe... doesn't it?

5th April 2010, 23:39
I started this thread to help me gather my thoughts and lists...and maybe it will inspire y'all too!

and I came to the realization that it depends on which angle you are coming from (prepared for disaster [fear-based] or getting back to nature [love-based]) as to what you would include on your lists and what you do in your actions...

so, since my goal is to get back to nature...

*(I am looking at 2 different Intentional Communities right now for a december move)... so this is really going to help to step up to the challenge of getting it all together in time for that to happen...

food stocks:
canned goods
dried food mixes and powdered staples
spices and seasonings
water jugs, filters, and dry drink mixes

camping cookware
solar oven and/or wood-burning stove
diner-ware, hand utensils, plastic glasses, etc.
hand tools
candles, matches, flint/striker

DIY instructions:
solar systems (lighting, water heater, etc.)
garden tips
easy-build houses/insulation/water-sealant, windows/doors, etc.
plumbing/ water-well and pump/ dam creation, maintenance, repairs

recipes for:
laundry soap

... help me out... I know I am forgetting something...