View Full Version : I am in Spiritual Training & Have a Lot to Learn

27th July 2013, 02:54
I really owe Nature (a poster here) an apology when they get back online. I am still in spiritual training. I was not humble, and I was angry in response to what I perceived as being attacked online. Forgive me, that was weak. All is forgiven on my end. Maybe we end up good online buddies? I sure hope so.

God or Gods Bless or if you are not into that, that is OK too.

27th July 2013, 04:30
The learning process is your life. Learn well my friend.

Peace be with you!

27th July 2013, 05:47
" I am in Spiritual Training & Have a Lot to Learn" ... me too :)

27th July 2013, 05:52
I only have 21 million more yrs to go and I'll graduate first grade ...

27th July 2013, 07:10
We came to this world to explore and learn.
It is a world full of great wisdom, but also of great suffering.
You have to endure suffering to embrace wisdom.
And the greatest risk of this exploration is to consider the suffering any form of truth.
The truth is in wisdom and not suffering.