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27th July 2013, 12:16
In the spirit world, the animal level is close to our level. The levels actually blend together, overlapping. Animals like us have the spark of god within them so of coarse we treat them with love, because love is the dominant force in existence. There is a universal law of love. It is our duty to look after the animals in the world. They are less evolved than we are as souls but they are also on there own evolving path like we are. The growing of the soul from having a physical experience.

william r sanford72
27th July 2013, 15:45
since i was small..er..i loved and connected with animals.insects plants. my first pet/friend was a large praying mantis that would ride on my shoulders and head outside..she wouldnt leave.sometimes in the backyard or out and about i would place her somewhere to hunt while i played and always knew where she was or she would find me.had a small cage up in my room but just let her run.when i tryed to let her go..she endend up back in my room the next morning.also i loved reptiles.snakes seemed to draw me at a very young age and i still have a knack with em.BEES to.i am gratefull for this seamlessly natural connection that i have had since birth.i hurts still sometimes when i see others being blocked from this connection or when they just dont care or try to connect.At some of the lowest points in my life when so far removed from this conection and light it was always an animal..plant..insect..or rock that would appear as a gift..and help me to help myself..raise the vibe back up.still does.so..with this in soul and mind..always..i feel to help protect and love animals and nature is a privilege.

28th July 2013, 01:04
To put it simply.


Lost Soul
28th July 2013, 04:10
The Native Americans considered all things to be from The Creator and to carry within it the divine spark of the creator. This includes plants, animals, rocks, mountains, the sky. Thus all things are sacred.

28th July 2013, 13:32
My whole life I have had a special connection to all kinds of things in nature. That list has consist of rocks,trees,many types of plants and grasses, dogs,cats,snakes ducks,geese,birds,lizards,turtles,insects,deer,and fish. I have always gone out of my way to help animals and nature. When I say a connection its has always been very spiritual for me. Its like I understand what they are thinking or trying to say. There were times when I lost a pet dog or cat and although I was very saddened by that loss I was assured by this special connection we would see each other again. In my younger years my parents had a nice home in the country where we were surrounded by nature. Animals of all types used to always hang around our home and was an awesome feeling. I could tell you when it was going to rain about 90% of the time. My mom used to always ask me when it was going to rain. I was in tune with nature. After many years went by we moved away to live in a nearby city, I lost some of my ability's. Still years later I still have this connection with everything around me and try to share with others.

28th July 2013, 13:52
I too, feel I have this connection. People's pet's accept me (sometimes to other's surprise) and I have always been able to 'communicate' with them with eye to eye contact. My own pets have always been protective of me. I see beauty in rocks (I collect them), the insects, the grass, the trees on up... It was only recently that I found a name for my beliefs and feelings. Pantheism.