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28th July 2013, 02:04
Thousands of children murdered by US government & Bayer
Published on Jul 25, 2013
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28th July 2013, 02:10

28th July 2013, 02:21
You know, when I was in El Salvador, many many years ago (late teenager), we were told, discretely, to bring our contraceptive pills and other medication from Canada because third world were often a dumping ground for bad or tainted medication. I was part of a government sponsored exchange/social work project then.

So I am not surprised about that one iota.

For Americans though: laws and scrutiny on medication in Canada is more thorough and stringent than it is with the FDA. So when American say that our medication sent from licensed pharmacy can be dangerous for your health, I just laugh, this is propaganda to keep the market price high in USA.