View Full Version : Earth dodged another big Asteroid

31st July 2013, 05:09
Asteroid DZ15 passed by Earth yesterday.It was has big has 5 football fields.
It was only 2.2 million miles away from us. Relatively close, when talking about
distance in space.

31st July 2013, 05:49
i would have been run over by a car had it not been so very far away from me.
and is it fair to say that the earth 'dodged' it?
did our mother earth shimmy to the left, and then to the right?,

more accurately, an asteroid which was never going to hit us, passed by without incident.

job done.

31st July 2013, 06:33
NASA has a Near Earth Objects (NEOs) Program,
impact risks can be found at neo.jpl.nasa.gov/risk/


Star Tsar
31st July 2013, 09:03
I can't find it in Stellarium...

31st July 2013, 14:42
I can't find it in Stellarium...

I believe you have to load the objects.

Go into Configuration window (F2), Plugins, Solar System Editor, configure, Solar System tab, "Import orbital elements in MPC format..."

Then you can choose Asteroids, for the source, choose "Download a list of objects from the internet", Choose one of the pre-listed bookmarks and finally "Get orbital elements".

Wait a bit for them to load, then you should be able to find it.

Happy Stellarium'ing...

31st July 2013, 15:34
To get some perspective here, 2.2 million miles that's about 40 million football fields, quite a bit of space to play in :)

31st July 2013, 17:31
in cosmic space , it was a close one , one bump from another rock floating in free space and we could have had a huge one like in russia ...

The Truth Is In There
1st August 2013, 19:58
damn, not another miss!