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31st July 2013, 18:18
So I went in to get more blood work done because I am back on my hormone pills for my thyroid. Every six months I have to get this done to be sure of the level intake..

Today I go in and request as to where I can get my old records from when I lived here 13 years ago so that I can add those records to S.S.D. They had moved all staff from the old Connecticut Health Center 3 doors down from its original place, So I am thinking, OK? they should have moved the records as well cuz the new building is much larger. Come to find out they did not nor did they keep to the claim that the old C.H.C. building was to be used for archiving old Medical records. So I asked where did they go? The doctor said they could not find a place for them what where they suppose to do with them out right? I ask that myself and she said we had no place to put them, they they where destroyed.. E.I. nothing was put to computer before the destruction either.

Needles to say I am raging at this point but kept it well to myself, I needed to start from scratch anyway, but seriously, this was just a touch much in my eyes.. So basically part of my and many other medical records have been subsequently erased..

I am that close to suing now, but how the hell do I prove I was even a patient back then..

31st July 2013, 18:35
I had a similar frustration when I discovered that the medical records from my 3&1/2 month stay at San Francisco General in 1972were useless due to the doctors' illegible handwriting!
Then the hospital claimed my xray records were "lost", but we suspected they were intentionally destroyed due to the possible consequences if I had decided to sue for malpractice.
Another amazing thing is how difficult it is to get one's own medical records for private safekeeping, to prevent just such eventualities.
What a racket the medical system has become in the US!!

31st July 2013, 18:41
Yes ,
And in light of what I have to go through for S.S.D. I have signed release request for myself which is really odd in it self, for every single test I have to go through I plan on making my own archive for personal use and other usage. In other words research myself...lol I know I will find that fascinating.

I told them for SSD yes that was the main focus but in light of what happened with my records out right I am keeping them for my own sake in-case something some how suddenly manages to pop up.

1st August 2013, 02:28
hey, the NSA tracks everything, they should have your medical records or at least proof you were in the system and you were there ...

1st August 2013, 02:35
hey, the NSA tracks everything, they should have your medical records or at least proof you were in the system and you were there ...

:p Chuckle Chuckle

1st August 2013, 07:37
I've been working as a healthcare professional for over 12 years ~ an FYI to everyone- it's standard medical practice to purge documents (usually) after 7-10 years, depending on the documents. Pretty crappy, but this usually aligns with malpractice /lawsuit statutes.... :/ Best idea is to continually ask for copies of all of your records & keep your own file. Since Radiology is my area of expertise, hard& soft copies of medical imaging is never shared with your pcp- a copy of the result from the Radiologist is sent & kept in your chart (like a lab report). Reason being, the Radiologist is the expert/ consultant & interprets the results for you & your pcp.)
Stinks, but there's the current system for ya! I.o.w. take matters into your own hands ; l
If all else fails, heed Ghostriders advice & consult with the NSA (Lol!)

1st August 2013, 12:34
"pcp" -- Primary Care Physician