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1st August 2013, 16:42

1st August 2013, 17:17
A little description for the readers is better Popol.

Cygnus vs Orion at Giza - A Response to Robert Bauval Queries by Andrew Collins

Since February Robert Bauval, co-author with Adrian Gilbert of THE ORION MYSTERY, has attacked the Cygnus-Giza correlation proposed in Andrew Collins's most recent book THE CYGNUS MYSTERY. This has come by way of postings on the Graham Hancock message board, the premier forum of the ancient mysteries subject (along with the Hall of Maat, which has also debated the Cygnus-Giza correlation). For some two weeks Andrew meticulously answered all queries thrown at him by Robert and his supporters of the Orion Correlation theory. In just one week the first thread attracted over 270 postings and was discontinued since it had become too long and cluttered. Others started immediately, and since the last week in February there have been many hundreds of new postings on the Cygnus vs Orion debate.

However, Andrew had to discontinue the debate as he and his wife Sue moved house from Essex to the West Country, which through a series of unfortunate circumstances meant that he was offline for nearly a month. In Andrew's absence Robert Bauval ran rings around the Cygnus-Giza debate, stating that it was now as dead as a swan in the water.

Nothing can be further from the truth, for Andrew has now had a chance to read and respond to all queries posed by Robert, and these he intended answering on the Graham Hancock message board. Unfortunately, the moderator deemed that it was too long and that Andrew should still address all individual points made by posters in his absence. Since this would take far too long, and many topics are duplicated, he has decided that the full response will instead appear here on the Andrew Collins website.

Read more here http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/Bauval_Cygnus_Orion_Giza_020407.htm


1st August 2013, 19:25
This topic is really interesting. I noticed the Orion thing a few years back. Wish I wasn't posting from a phone lol