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1st August 2013, 19:02
Located in the capital of Russia, Moscow, Lefortovo tunnel is one of the longest in the world, and is known for its incredible number of accidents that often occur for no apparent reason.

The tunnel was opened in 2003 and was nicknamed the "Tunnel of Death", and to try to identify hypotheses for the causes of accidents, some cameras were placed, but what is really strange, especially what happens at 0:57 video below.
Where did that second truck!?

Looks like he hit him a copy of the same .. say .. "other" space-time.
Very strange indeed. If "fake", congratulations to the producer for editing.


Source: http://forum.antinovaordemmundial.com/Topico-video-o-misterioso-t%C3%BAnel-de-lefortovo?pid=127039#pid127039

1st August 2013, 19:52
Well spotted naste.de.lumina. Suddenly a copy of the truck springs up out of nowhere, and they crash into each other.
It is also striking how it looks like the cars hit something invisible, and then start to sway. Could be a bleed-through to
a parallel universe...who knows?

1st August 2013, 20:14
It 's the architecture of the tunnel, bad curvature . Notice it behaves like toboggan . And it has 'black zones' or 'blank zones' where your direction changes out of sudden . I think computer game players who are familiar with simulation understand the principle behind . You're meant to lose orientation during sudden directional change ..or...either you focus and then you pass through .

Other than that i don't see the trolls... they inevitably left the place ages before it started ..

following the jinns

and fairies

and magicians ..


1st August 2013, 20:23



Here we have three different frames of video images.
Written by the advertisements on the side of one of the trucks, it is clear that these are different vehicles.
The question is 'Where did he come?'.

In the first frame, it is clear that only one truck is on the right lane.
The only explanation would be a lateral tunnel (right) that gives access to the tunnel video. But that's where the logic (or stupid) human. Would return in a fast lane most insane I've ever seen, because it has no signage and much less a clue scroll.