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3rd August 2013, 00:41
"When Björk met Attenborough".

This is one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever watched. It brought me to tears.

For those that are unfamiliar; Björk is an Icelandic cutting edge singer/ songwriter, a musical genius. David Attenborough is a broadcaster and naturist, most famous for his natural history documentaries on the BBC.

"When Björk meets Attenborough" is a fascinating documentary about Music and it's connection with nature. It's about the relationship of music and the natural world. If you are a music fan; it is a must see.


3rd August 2013, 13:16
BLOCKED in UK due to copyright

3rd August 2013, 16:50
Oh, that's a pity. Maybe by doing a YouTube search you can find a channel that I'd playable in the U.K. It is well worth the effort.

4th August 2013, 01:59
Thank you Conaire !
Here is one of her video :


4th August 2013, 13:44
Thanks Nat_Lee. She truly is a unique soul in a sea of bland.