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3rd August 2013, 10:14

The Reptilian brain is our basic primitive brain: it controls flight, fight and freeze in every creature.
This principle perfectly reflects the basic principle of this universe: attraction, repulsion and inertia –
the principles in every atom.

Hidden deep in this Reptilian brain principle is absolute wisdom. It has a spiritual content!

If we look at the basics principles of human behaviour we find desire, aversion and ignorance –
I like, I do not like, I do not care. These correspond exactly to the basic principles of the universe –
move towards, move away and be indifferent.

Desire, aversion and ignorance are the neurotic states of the sentient mind. It all revolves around
our mental image of “I”. The identification with this “I” creates the desire to defend itself,
attack others or ignore. This dark side causes conflicts and confusion in our mind, and this is also
the state of play in the world.

But we all have a feeling that there is more to us then merely animal reaction, don’t we?
And we are correct, but maybe it is not always clear.

There is another side to us – a Light side – and it’s obvious when ‘pointed out’!

We are aware. In the first instance of this awareness, there is no obstacle to this awareness.
It is pure perception, empty of other. It is present before Reptilian brain kicks in.
Before any decision, there has to be recognition of awareness – pure clear awareness
without limitation. This ‘without limitation’ is without fear; it is unconditional –
before the effects of conditions. It’s pure openness – pure love.

Those three neurotic principles of desire, aversion and ignorance have three corresponding
enlightened principles of Empty Essence, Cognisant nature and unconfined Compassion.

This is how they correlate.
- Emptiness
Aversion – Cognition
Ignorance – Compassion

Our essence is empty, pure sacred space. Desire arises, creating concepts which fill this sacred space.
Emptiness becomes filled with fixated ideas.

Our nature is awareness: a knowing quality. Aversion arises when awareness creates an “I” through
forgetting its essence, and we start judging.

Our expression is unconfined compassionate energy: joy of being. Ignorance arises when empty awareness
has forgotten its own true nature – and therefore, that of others. So we lack love.

When we recognise these principles of the universe, they no longer control us: they are a direct reflection
of our true nature. They become our symbolic teacher. They become fun!

The two short videos below illustrate The Light side and the Dark side.

From a spiritual point of view, both these videos perfectly reflect human potential; both the light and the dark.
If one falls into the trap of being attracted to one and repelled by the other,
one is drawn into primitive reptilian brain. By merely being aware and not reacting – remaining in one taste –
we go beyond Beauty and the Beast.

We can stay a Reptilian
or Love.