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3rd August 2013, 12:54
~ often I see data literally poured into a thread here. For a dedicated person who is truly trying to 'get' something, it could take an afternoon to digest a single post sometimes as you click through a dozen links and 3-4 pages of pasted in text.

Sometimes I get the image of a person wanting to learn how to use email but being led from square one on how to program a computer first. Next it will be quantum physics, then on to manufacturing methods. Within 10-15 years, they should be ready for email.

I've noticed that even the most scholarly people here, some who may even be athiest, seem to resonate with the concepts left to us in the words attributed to a man named Jesus.

No matter how the words got to us, who wrote them, whether some guy named Jesus really said them, etc., etc. ... the concepts communicated through the words resonate across the board.

This connects us.

Another concept which feels consistent, is the idea we have a heart channel. Enough people here experience this as real now that I don't think this will be debated either.

One of the concepts which has lasted through time is this idea of being like a child. Most people assume this means being like a little kid holding daddy's hand and their ego rejects it of course, but a child can be any age.

Many of the people I see here who resonate with the words attributed to Jesus, also resonate to the conept of us all being sons and daughters, family in a very real sense thus children in a sense as well.

We have stories now of tribes found deep in the jungle, being touched by 'civilization' for the first time. In one case I read they had developed medicines that were amazing modern doctors. When asked how they got they idea to use a certain plant, they responded with, "The plant told them."

To me, that is being like a child.

That is an example of how user-friendly this verse has been set up for us.

In the early days of the internet, many of us were stuck inside a bubble created by a corporation like AOL or Prodigy. We weren't really on the internet and they did not make it easy to get out here. At one time they charged 10 cents per instant message and were not in any hurry for you to get out on your own to send instant messages for free.

To me, this is what religion and philosophy has done to us for ages and continues to do today with this new fangled ancient lore, packaged just right as each generation comes along.

The kind of people who haunt this place are on the real internet. They can look at pretty much anything they want, turn off ads, use highly advanced tools for free. Autonomous within this system yet able to connect and work with anyone.

The next step I see for us, as just another one of the kids, is to imagine flipping the switch on our new internet, the heart channel so many resonate with as being real. Using the energy we also resonate with that is sparked by the words attributed to Jesus as the frequency we tune to.

All of the disecting and analyzing and debating over alleged history that survived masterful excising is a distraction from what is already created for us throughout the ages by those who came before and what we've done with our own trip this time.

From what I understand, the switch isn't all that big.
Should only take 100 to flip it on.


Crazy Louie
3rd August 2013, 13:17
What ever is of the spirit will find a way to reach into all spirits of the same hope and dimension.

3rd August 2013, 13:48
To become as a child. To cast away layers of programming and see everything anew. This is why the great discoveries are never made by someone indoctrinated into a system of thinking. Open mind and open heart are the key to discovery.

Thank you for this post.

25th August 2013, 04:10