View Full Version : How far would you go to stay in existence?

4th August 2013, 14:10
That us say you as a Species can live for a thousand years, maybe many thousands of years! (maybe even longer)
You and your kind because of you vast life span and collected knowledge have spread out across the whole galaxy.
As you have spread out you have found many wonders and great powers but! you find a wonder, a wonder a power greater than you have held or can directly become!
You find many lower life forms and some seem to contain this wonder, the wonder of all wonders;
something known collectively throughout the whole Galaxy/Universe as a Soul!
You find this soul allows these species to move from the material realm at death, from the physical into another Realm/Dimension/Heaven/ Collative Conciseness, God-Head.
You also find out at your death you don't, you just die and by, by gone!!

If you was that species what would you do to stay alive? what would you do to maintain you existence?

I am of course talking about those known under many names the Annunaki.
The lengths they seem to have gone/going to stay in existence, developing us to farm as a power, as an extended life force for them etc!

Have our species already done so to certain degrees and already trying to go further?

Some of our species are certainly trying, even though we have a Soul and a better place to go many don't see that?
Are we one species? or two as one, the material sleeping realm type and the Spiritual awaken type!

Would you go that far? as far as the Annunaki!

4th August 2013, 15:05
Or specieshood is a vehicle and its continuation depends on its function for soul development, because that is what defines its need to exist.

Fred Steeves
4th August 2013, 15:20
Energy can never be destroyed, therefore there is no form of life that simply ceases to be in the totality of things. A life form CAN however become so hopelessly lost that it eventually loses sight of this, and can find itself reduced even to Archonic type beings much spoken of here. The Universe leaves none behind however, and a way out of this state is always there for the taking.

In the meantime, such beings will do anything and everything they *think* they need to for survival. Perhaps even some of us here have been there done that.

5th August 2013, 00:15
ditto fred, energy just changes forms ... I would welcome leaving the body and returning to energy, then I'm off on vacation to visit a distant world in another space-time , there's a log cabin there I wanna hang out in ... I would think, letting things take a natural course is the right move, cause 152yrs and 21 days , we come back and do the dance all over again ...

5th August 2013, 13:17
Yes same for me,
a natural pass over,
keeping own consciousness and get away from all this material (grubby Stuff)
And get out of the FOOD CHAIN (Another Prison Factor)

Veiled Rain
6th August 2013, 23:25
Knowing the soul is immortal and continues long after this physical vessel we call a body has degraded-----and that we already exist eternally
The question is moot---it could be looked at as rhetorical.:cool2: