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4th August 2013, 20:45
When I was in the USANG from 2003-2007, there was a scandal at my home unit, the 130th AW. Someone at our base took photos of prisoners in transit on our C-130H's. They were passing around these pics via email and public storage drives on our servers. Base PR was worried about the media getting copies.

Anyway, some of the photographs depicted detainees chained to the floor of an aircraft on the way to Gitmo (I assume). Imagine if those had come out back then? It almost makes you wonder if the local media was already being censored by the gov,t.

I should have left the Air Force then, not later. Things like that really make me feel sorry for brave people like Bradley Manning and Mr snowden. I guess "integrity first" was not something I even began to understand until I left the service and opened my eyes.

4th August 2013, 23:54
the reason for the two months of basic training ( mind control) ...

5th August 2013, 02:44
I agree.

I forgot to mention the people who got sick from anthrax vaccine and mefloquine poisoning...

RIP 130th AW personnel :( sad but true, we got screwed!