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Astar Of David
5th August 2013, 09:21

5th August 2013, 11:00
In a nutshell.

fractal being
5th August 2013, 12:06
Dear Astar of David, Thank you for summarizing in such a concise way the truth behind all human suffering. If I had to comment on every point of your post I would end up with an even larger post and thus distract from your excellent original OP, so I will refrain myself in commenting only a couple of points.

-Alcohol, is definitely the most dangerous substance invented to control us. My most embarrassing moments and acts have been under alcohol influence. Of course alcohol distilled under natural procedures is not the same as alcohol bottled under modern concepts, but nowadays is becoming harder and harder to find the pure one, mainly because all governments are doing all they can to restrict local alcohol production through complicated and expensive licensing procedures in favor of cheap alcoholic poisons. Ever wondered why a litter of beer costs nowadays a lot cheaper than a litter of water? What I'm noticing in crisis stroked countries is that alcoholism is sky-rocketing.

- The shift towards environmentally friendly attitudes is indeed a revolutionary act, but I'm afraid that the whole purpose of the global financial crisis is just to halt this revolution. The aim has become clear, more and more families and individuals are forced to live their life pay-check to pay-check making it impossible to invest or even afford alternative solutions and renewable energies.

I agree with you though, the 2012 revolution (not the Mayan distraction stuff) is already here. The battle will be long and rough, but the power is in our hands.

Love and peace,
Fractal being

5th August 2013, 21:54
Some good in depth info here. Asquali. Great thread my friend. We can gradually incorporate these steps into our daily lives, this im quite sure. Mother Earth could surely use our help. How much more raping can she take? But if we persist on being a destructive force, then we will eventually become extinct. And so the planet will continue living without us humans.

If i may include this video by two Native Elders. Have a listen.