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6th August 2013, 06:40
recently i came into family issues and hearing family issues/problem on the train...i came to conclusion the problem that have created to cause an conflicts is Money and values.

every sheep knows that you can't bring any physical especially Money with them when they pass away or died but they really into it...people just so into current physicality not not lived for their soul. these sheep knows it full well you can't bring money or any other stuff with them but why they so god damn so into current physicality having the obsession or obtain?

my family is very religious being Catholic and they do opposite of Jesus teach them about Love-Compasion-Emphay...ect. what's the freaking point of following a religion went you doesn't get anything out of it? looking at my families and other people around me all they do is freaking worship to goddamn Jesus..when i go to church all i hear is pray and worship to god instead of Spirituality. i having this thought for months now and continue having these thought when i see people have relationship issues especially family issues/conflict.

talking about going to Heaven or reincarnation according to Buddasism, i only able to see count on top of my fingers they go to heaven or will not reincarnate when they pass away...i have one of my family members who are one of them, do you guest what the sheep say? CRAZY for not having fight for your right or let it all go, helping people without any condition or reused the stuff instead of buying a new stuff...being who we really are consider god damn crazy.

one of the person who i know need money so i lend them alot of cash, i don't even think about they pay it back and they can pay back anytime but many people come to me and said DUMB and STUPID...i want to help that person who need money without condition or giving it back and people calling me crazy or telling me i could have spent on buying new car.

Human need to grow up stop being ME, My Family or My This and My That...i feel 90% of the problem we face today is Money and right now i just don't believe in religion anymore absolutely bs from deep inside...

778 neighbour of some guy
6th August 2013, 07:17
Sorry to hear about your family issues, hope it will turn out for the better in the nearest possible future.

Well, I am in agreement with you when you say "money is the root of all problems", funny enough, I also think, "problems were the root of all money".

As an urban apartment dweller I have very little space to herd sheep to barter with, not even great wide open plains of balcony space to breed wild herds of domesticated tomatoes that can perform nice party tricks ( turn into instant salads) to barter with, for now I'll take the cash, thank you please.

So here you go, my problems are the root of all money.

6th August 2013, 07:30

Great rant. Let it all out. Let it go.

The experience you have had, are having and will have is all part of the game.

Let your light shine and inspire - don't force it though. It is the very best we can do.

I loved your post. Hits the nail right on the head.


1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV)

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

6th August 2013, 12:25

6th August 2013, 13:59
Family as far as I am concerned is a micro-unit of the dysfunctional society we have created here in our planet.

When money became a commodity all hell broke loose........

6th August 2013, 14:01
the root of all problems is EGO and lack of personal responsibility.. PERIOD..... money or lack there in is just an excuse..... PERIOD

6th August 2013, 16:22
The desire for money and things (attachment to crap) is big, especially in the middle class (can afford Internet & time to post on it)...where there is an irrational fear based on the lie of scarcity.

I feel the biggest problems in our society is that those who are not able to ever have ENOUGH (anything...when they get more crap than they know what to do with it seems they move on to power/control) manipulated the masses to worshipping them and their "lifestyle" (death-style?).

So what I think Ed was trying to say is that it's not the money's fault--the money itself isn't inherently evil (selfish, destructive), it's people's attitude toward it (the LOVE of money, or FEAR of not having enough) that is the root of the issue. People think money is a given, which it kinda is in our society--so under the current arrangement it's us that has to change, if we want the nature (or need for) money to change

william r sanford72
6th August 2013, 17:04
just started going to the markets again to lend support..money wise.20 dollars..budget.can do no more no less.heres what we bought.1 loaf fresh baked non gmo ground by hand.wheat bread.1 loaf fresh baked white bred from an amish vendor.3 pounds fresh picked organic green beans form local i know well.large sweet onion.2 pounds fresh dug new tators. huge sun ripined beef stek tomatos she threw in a few extra..cabbage head.couple cucumbers.that was friday.we is happy.its good to be poor.....

6th August 2013, 19:08
Capitalism: a love story, part 1:
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6th August 2013, 19:33
I was thinking about this the other day and wondering about a world without money. I imagined a market where people who grow fruit and vegetables gather twice a week to offer the food to the community in a truly free market (everyone gives what they have made and grown and everyone takes what they need). Then I thought that there will always be that one person that takes more than she or he needs or could possibly use, and one day that is tomatoes. Then I imagined that one day this person's neighbour got to the free market late and there were no more tomatoes left. The person who took too many tomatoes (really did not need them because still had some left over from last market day) then offers neighbour the extra tomatoes in exchange for some parsley and mint growing on neighbour's balcony. Neighbour could do without tomatoes for a few days, but it seems like a good idea so tomatoes get exchanged for parsley and mint.

How long will it take for:
1. ''extra tomato'' person to accumulate significant surplus and find different ways to do so?
2. neighbour to become accustomed to instant gratification (forget the distinction between wants and needs)?
3. neighbour to exchange a diamond ring or a chair or labour for a few vegetables?

As long as we are just talking about money, I don't get fussed because there is an artificiality and superficiality about it as the value of money reflects the values of society. (Here's an example: JK Rowling published a very well-written and good story under a pseudonym. She sold 1500 copies in three months. Considering the size of the UK market and the popularity of the genre, that is a very small amount, no matter what the British media says. The true identity of the author of the book is revealed and sales soar, instantly. The book did not change and the person who wrote the book did not change. Although they are both very good, they are not valued highly in terms of money, but the name JK Rowling is valued highly.)

But, in my imaginings I am wondering what the dynamics of this energy are and why we cannot escape them (laws, religion, education, ethics and morals have not seemed to make any difference).

Maybe we should be teaching every person philosophy and we should spend our leisure time debating philosophy!

6th August 2013, 22:44
I was thinking about this the other day and wondering about a world without money.

I do that all the time, I dream of such a world.

My dream world is pure altruistic anarchy.

A world in which the need of your brothers and sisters is the only measure of your actions.

A world where what you need is more important that what I do. In that world I can have perfect faith that my own needs will be met.

The barrier between that world and this one is fear.

Fear that our needs will not be met - and a lot of structures that are of the "old" world that are yet to be torn down. Structures made of fear. Fear that impels me to ensure my own need is met before yours. In this old world, its a short hop to falling in love with the security that advantage has brought me, and that security resolves down to money.

We are so near yet so far.

Our needs WILL be met, right now they are! In fact they were always met, they always will be.

Compassion is still required on behalf of those that currently fail to realize this.

6th August 2013, 23:02
Money is not the root of all evil. It is a neutral object that gives us a choice to use it however we please, for evil and also for good.

I think people should not be scared to desire money, but to welcome it into their lives as an object of opportunities. I know that it would be ideal to live in a world with no money, but if you exist in this reality, right now you must work with what you've got.

I have a friend who owns a business, and earns so much money that he is able to give out loans to his friends. This way there is no stresses or insanely high interest from the banks.

I know if I had an abundance of money, I could do a hell of a lot more good in this world then I can without it... :-)

7th August 2013, 00:26
i have been thinking about this yesterday after watching david icke, i do think the root of the problem might not be Money at all but more of Our Minds. Money never exist in first place which david icke put it but we put values into it and we created this called money in form of paper or digital money...Money have side effects to cause conflicts. Money might be is evil and bad but we put them there just like smoking, people knows smoking is bad but they still smoke or doing certain bad thing is bad but people still doing it until the times comes to a point of realization they changed.

we need to clean up our minds, get rid of our Stubbornness and ignorance which is the problem and stopping us moving forward and grow up to become spiritual beings. on Alternative/Non-Mainstream have talked alot from UFO's to life condition on earth but Mainstream denied it and especially the people considered crazy or ignore it going back to their programs.

we can point fingers this is bad or that is evil but at the end of the day is us...we on alternative have told so many things to the sheep but they ignore it and not taken anything out to be considered. NSA spying program is example of this, people on alternative have saying this for years but people on mainstream consider crazy when you talk about it not until Mainstream media covers it. it seems that these sheep waiting on Authorities for approval to believe or consider that is true or a fact.

7th August 2013, 01:07
I like that idea, of living to meet the need of everyone else... no worries...

Its all mind set, the ones you call sheep, do you remember when you were one? What did it take to "wake" you up?

9/11 blasted me open!

Money, NOW, is needful till the collective coinsciousness unites towards something better, in more than lip service. Walk your walk apocalypse.... its the only one you can...


7th August 2013, 06:31
Money is not the root of all evil.

No, but the love of money (and all it represents) is.

The meme "money is the root of all evil" is usually a bible misquote in most cases - I put the real quote my first post on the thread.

7th August 2013, 07:36
The Root of All Problems is the Belief in a Separate Self...Period!

When you think you are separate you become frightened, then attachments to money and other things become an issue. In my view, we are meant to have the experience of seeming separation, then meant to see through it.

The highest levels of "The Powers That Be" see through the illusion, by the way, but don't want to believe it. They insist on being better than everyone else, which is impossible. Anytime you have duality, this sort of problem arises, but in essence we are the same.

EDIT: Add quote...

"Self interest is not a natural way of being."

7th August 2013, 12:54
one of the friends have issues needed help but there's people ignore her and there's people doesn't have any compassion or empathy towards her...she just don't know who turn to but her parents who do everything they can to help her.

i don't know why but i see these kind of relationship issue popup all the time, 90% of them comes down to money every day now and it make me sick. why some people out there doesn't have compassion or empathy but so into themselves...

past few days i talked to people, go though mainstream forums and Mainstream media covers upcoming Australia Election 2013...and now i'm distress on the world we lived in and feel ready sad when i read some of the headlines. everything just have to be about money and values. Life getting tougher and tougher but not better and better...i wish people wake up.

7th August 2013, 15:27
Buy a hanging box and hang off the window to plant. Make sure you screw it down with an 1 1/2" nail or screw in the ledge. Hang a screen for easy access during the summer and to stop unwanted pest from coming in. You can have fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and beans or herbs. Ingenuity and thinking outside the box, helps in urban areas.

7th August 2013, 15:36
Bartering for the good foods, old material sheets, blankets, shoes that didn't fit always helps others. NON profit feels good when its given with unconditional love to help solve a $$ problem of someone you know. Why watch the souls of the poor scramble with worry everyday of their lives to send their kids to a college, or camp or daycare? It's financial suffering in a world of greed.

Don't worry about the "service to self" people. They are here to experience the selfishness, and some are here to help those as "service to others." If they become too involved and fall away from good practice, then trying to wake them up to their excessive heartlessness, or callus discussion of others can truly be draining. Worry not, the time has come where every heart and mind will be revealed.

Every tongue, will tell.

7th August 2013, 15:39
past few days i talked to people, go though mainstream forums and Mainstream media covers upcoming Australia Election 2013...and now i'm distress on the world we lived in and feel ready sad when i read some of the headlines. everything just have to be about money and values. Life getting tougher and tougher but not better and better...i wish people wake up.

Maybe if you stop reading/viewing the propaganda by mainscam (Yes I spelled it that way) media, things will be better for you..

7th August 2013, 16:19
I believe the people who suffered so much lack, and learned to stretch the dollars until they scream I'm broke, are better capable of detecting fraud in the system, because they won't allow anyone, rich or poor, to scam the poor or middle class.

When one day I am blessed with abundance, I will open a transitional home employment agency, that will help those coming out of prisons non-violent, and domestic violence survivors, will have peace of mind and a safe place to rest, after pounding the streets of employment, or education, to seek out the American Dream again. Help the prisoners start a community garden, teach them how to naturally rejuvenate soils stripped by chemicals, to provide food to pantries as well as the "homestead." Some are so depressed, and stressed, they are almost out of their last rope, especially with children. They act like the children don't know they are on food stamps, and can't tell insulting speech and down grading judgement of the poor.

7th August 2013, 22:56
Thanks for this topic.

I really don't like the way money seems to earn you respect. When you do things for free and give people gifts some of them (if not most) respect you less than if you'd be asking ugly sums for it (and actually get away with it getting those things sold).

If you give, you're a loser, you're not successful, you can't make a living. You're a loser for not getting any money.

This is not my opinion, I think that if everybody would give more, the world would be a better place.

8th August 2013, 21:19
I know that it would be ideal to live in a world with no money, but if you exist in this reality, right now you must work with what you've got.With all due respect bel, it is this "inside-the-box" thinking that TPTB have brainwashed us into believing and perpetuating so that we keep ourselves enslaved. As far as I know, humans are the only species on the planet that believe they require money to live. And there are thousands of species that have been around far longer than humans. Maybe we could learn something from them.

The Truth Is In There
9th August 2013, 10:47
i think the root of all problems are certain humans. without human greed money would be just a means of exchange.

9th August 2013, 11:29
The lack of money can be a big problem too as with being greedy. I find if I have enough with some cushion(savings) I can actually be quite satisfied.

Prodigal Son
9th August 2013, 12:04
You know all those spooky little occult symbols all over American money? In his book "Behold A Pale Horse", Bill Cooper exposed how the Fed Reserve Cabal has created paper money as talismans... when people spend them, hoard them, worship them, etc... they put out energies, mostly negative, that the cabalists can somehow harness and collect, as a sacrifice to the archons they worship... and to monitor spending behaviors and trends. The new larger bills have tracking strips built into them... so that any criminals moving large sums of cash around without the CIA's approval can be smoked out with ease.

Maia Gabrial
9th August 2013, 16:45
If people could have been trusted to barter fairly, then we wouldn't have need money. We all know that that's how they have us by the leash....

9th August 2013, 18:02
The lack of money can be a big problem too as with being greedy. I find I have enough with some cushion(savings) I actually be quite satisfied.

because your fear of scarcity is abated enough for you to feel "safe".

Money seems to inherently carry a fear of scarcity, which motivates poor choices often.

frozen alchemy
9th August 2013, 20:18
May I suggest you look into the Zeitgeist Movement and any lecture by Peter Joseph to start to get your head around the idea of a society/civilization without money and how it would work? It's not like it's going to happen soon but as the current paradigm falters and dies, it will be good to have some other options in mind rather than chaos and fascism. The material on line by the Zeitgeist Movement now is massive, start anywhere and go from there. It's also a worldwide phenomenon and not at all a flash in the pan, with tens of millions of supporters in every country of the world.