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6th August 2013, 06:57
I was clearing the gutters from the unit I rent, and noticed that the gutters of my landlord's holiday unit (He's hardly ever down) needed doing. So I continued along the guttering, as it all needed doing. A neighbour who was watching me from his backyard asked me why I was doing it.. "Is it for the love, or is it for money?"

This question irked me some, and got me pondering on the nature of ownership and responsibility. I know the neighbour owns his house, and do believe that while he wouldn't hesitate to fix something, or put something in order, that drive stops at the boundaries of his property. Out there it is the responsibility of other neighbours, or of the council.

Then I considered more global problems, such as the Fukushima disaster and the South Pacific Garbage Patch. While Fukushima originated in Japan, it truly is a global problem. Do we not have a global council? The UN seems to selectively take part in global conflicts, but where is it's Duty of Care when it comes to environmental and other problems?

In our ownership of land and possessions, do we lose sight of a more expansive concept of our responsibility for the world around us?

6th August 2013, 09:56
In our ownership of land and possessions, do we lose sight of a more expansive concept of our responsibility for the world around us?

We have lost our sense of community, which is a massive blow. We need to reclaim it and go further and develop a sense of world wide community. Then we might be able to approach problems with the aim of solving them rather than profiting from them.

6th August 2013, 10:15
Our Australian sense of community has been systematically disassembled by something which has to be a plan...

Every part of it from the simple message "move to where the work is", which many Prime Ministers have spouted, and many have not moved to the house which we provide for them is a biggie....it's dissembled the extended family network of grandparents caring for grandchildren, and children looking after their parents in their age. Our children are "raised" by other people, who are doing it for money, not love. Our aged are "cared" for by people who are doing it for money, not love.

And it costs...lots of money for sure, to pay for the care of the young and old, but the multiple residences that it fosters, repayments, travel, etc...

If you can't foster a community spirit within the family (I can't I moved a long way away for work), then fostering a spirit outside the family must be difficult.

And it's not helped by
"be alert and not alarmed" (dob in a terrorist)
"water wise" (dob in a neighbour washing a car)
$20M public liability requirement if your kids decide to sell lemonade from the footpath...

6th August 2013, 11:33
People work, create things for each other's benefit and use. Money is only a unit of exchange that has perverted our natural desire to create and share with others. It has been put in place in order for lazy, self-proclaimed "authorities" to steal from us...through laws, taxes, fees, licenses, etc that are the tools used to control us and take away our personal freedoms and sovereignity.

7th August 2013, 02:03
you hit the nail on the head... we are responsible for our world... two years ago my neighborhood recieved a foot of snow, a week later another foot of snow, everyone was off work sitting in their homes staring out the window waiting for the city to plow the streets... I took a snow shovel, plowed my driveway, then my neighbors, then my street, then all the way to the main road, while the entire neighborhood looked out the window and watched me ... no one takes responsiblity for themselves, it's always up to someone else to do the hard work ...we must get past this mentality... if we work together, anything is possible ...a day's work , could have been done in one hour if everyone pitched in ...the end result benifits all ...why not participate instead of waiting for some government to do what we could more effectively do ourselves ... people are under mind control, they sit in a trance most of the time, waiting for the authorities to say sit, stay , roll over ...they are told what to drive, what to wear, what movies to watch, what food to buy, what medicine to take, when to vote , etc ... I say question everything, think for yourself, and never let someone do something that you can do for yourself... if it's to be , it's up to me ...