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Maia Gabrial
8th August 2013, 18:38
At about 36:04, Trent Goodbaudy of Freedom from Government (http://freedomfromgovernment.us/ is introduced on James Gilliland's "As you wish radio" show. I have to say that he held my interest as he shared some of the things everyone can do to regain their power against the legal system, and cops, in general. It's just that if anyone decides to do any of this, they have to understand it thoroughly or the system will eat them alive. IMO it may be worth it.... I'm tempted to try the license plate bit myself... :becky:

An interesting thing he points out is something called "Corpus Jurus Conundrum" that most judges and lawyers know about and won't admit they know because it'll destroy the illusion we have that we'll get justice inside a courtroom. It means that all lawyers' first duty is to the Court, not their clients. In other words, don't put all your trust in them. If it's between you or the courts, you'll lose.... :tsk:
This is just some of the stuff he talks about in this short segment of this video. He's got more of them....

If you're interested in listening to James Gilliland, too; here's the interview:


Here's that liscence plate that's part of a Traveler's pack on Trent's website. It sites the Constitution and other laws right on it. So, even if you get hauled to court, they'll lose; unless you really were a destructive driver.... Anyway,there's much more.... But still as exciting as it would be to try this stuff, be cautious and understand it real well, or you'll find yourself with more trouble and more powers taken away....And that's what we're trying to avoid....
I'm curious, has anyone successfully tried any of these things?