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10th August 2013, 20:04
Awhile back I posted a thread about a 'Mars Rat', well now here's one about a 'Mars Duck'
I was going to cut some of it but went ahead and posted it all.

Duck-Like Creature Found On Mars By NASA Mars Rover
NASA Mars Rover, in August, captured a photo of what appears to be a duck-like creature on Mars. Some sites claim there are two of them, one flying in the distance as the video below asserts, but the photo leaves that claim uncertain.


The other duck-like creature on the ground is captured in a photo, standing still, which leaves it unclear if it is alive or fossilized. (standing still!!! it's a frikin photo :) )

What is clear is that there was and possibly is, life on Mars.

Someone took some time to put this video together but for me the Rat wins :)


10th August 2013, 20:33

Made my day! Thank you


10th August 2013, 22:24
Great find skywizard. I remember back in the day when the face was first published, there was also an armadillo looking creature published, but that one quickly became forgotten, as the face took center stage. That was before NASA started airbrushing, and that face showed up crystal clear, as a face, and not some smuggy lookin thing like they try to pass of today, as the original.

Freed Fox
10th August 2013, 22:28
So martians are real...

....and they're ducks.

Who woulda thunk it?

http://assets.fundoofun.com/video_pics/resize/video_duck_dodgers_1x02_mon_ami_le_robot_rapide_co mme_l_clair_fr_1362729948.jpg

10th August 2013, 22:33
Do you believe that?
Not this little Black Duck.... :suspicious:

(Taaaw it seems Freed Fox beat me to it by a frame... )