View Full Version : Norwegian Primister as a Taxi Driver, For a Day!

12th August 2013, 10:18
The current prime minister of Norway has decided to take a more, unconventional approach, to finding out what his nation thinks :)


12th August 2013, 11:33
I'll admit that I found this pretty funny, and perhaps quite unique, but you should be aware that this is a Norwegian Labor Party (re-)election stunt.
Though Norwegian economy is still one of the strongest in the world, we do suffer from similar rights infringements like many other European countries (and others) alike.
Surveillance is a big issue, sovereign identity is an issue.. For example, they wish to change our flag and our state seal.. Something that is very controversial but also kept very "hush".

But one thing should be said regardless of politics, it is great that we can still do things like this in our little country.. Quite unique I suppose.

Thanks for posting :)

12th August 2013, 13:11
Very cool. Harper in Canada would never do that. He's too full of himself.

12th August 2013, 15:55
U.S. leaders couldn't risk doing this since they know what the polls say about their lack of popularity. Even so, I would love to see everyone in Congress do this. Boy would they get an ear full. Or perhaps they should deliver pizzas to homes and not to corporate businesses!! They probably would end up with deflated egos when they aren't even recognized.