View Full Version : A little heads up concerning Malware for those that frequent alterative news sites

14th August 2013, 00:36
From the Jimstonefreelance website:

An interesting new scam is affecting alternative news sites
Thank the Holonet for making this one a reality. I have received a report from a tech saavy friend who does not get burned by garbage like this often. This particular piece of scamware hit his machine after he spent some time alerting people to developing issues surrounding Snowden. He is not an idiot that falls into traps very easily, so this particular piece of malware is quite a bit more aggressive than most.

This was put up on his screen when he was working to alert sleeping sheeple. And from other posts around the web, it is my guess that this malware is specifically tailored to target people who hit alternative news web sites.

If you see this malware, and you are on a desktop computer, unplug it from the wall without doing any sort of shut down. Many pieces of malware or viruses write to the registry after a proper shutdown command is given and the computer is finalizing shut down. By unplugging the computer from the wall, there is no proper shut down, and the malware vanishes from the computer's memory. The same can be accomplished with any laptop by pressing and holding the power button down for five seconds, after which the laptop does a hard power off with no proper shut down.

With firefox, if you have restore tabs, you will have to tell the browser not to reload all pages or this will come right back up.

Obviously ignore the warning, it's completely bogus.



14th August 2013, 00:45
thanks the FBI virus and the dept of homeland security virus got me in the last two months, took me some time to get rid of it ... I'm still a child at computers but learning everyday ...

14th August 2013, 01:08
Thanks the tip about unplugging instead of shutting down is a good one.
Probably the beggining of a new class of malware yikes.