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14th August 2013, 01:49
Just recalling that it was 70 years ago today that the Philadelphia Experiment occurred and that it was 30 years ago today that the "Montauk Monster" went on its rampage where it tore up the military base in Montauk, Long Island, New York, USA.

I believe Peter Moon (an author who has written so much about these events) is in Transylvania, Romania at this moment and I trust he is well and his trip is also going well.

EDIT: Just after I made this post, I resumed listening to a Project Camelot interview where Kerry is speaking with Max Spears and Michael Prince (James Casbolt) and, I swear, I was hearing Max's voice and Michael's voice speaking at the same time. I said to myself this can't be right. I slid the slider slightly to the left (back about 1 minute) and the video was normal and I watched it well past the point of where it was "overlapping."

Why this is significant is because some consider the key to the Montauk events is that a time rift was generated where in essence a time loop was created.

That I had this synchronistic experience at this moment seconds after this post sends shivers all through me. WoW! You cannot make this stuff up.

EDIT 2: And what are the chances that in this interview, Max Spears happens to mention Montauk at 1:11:33 which I hear within less than 30 minutes of creating this post?

14th August 2013, 02:25
That's Ok I was watching a Bases interview a month ago, I don't remember which one, but it was a more recent one this I do know.
And I heard the guest speaking before he moved his mouth, it lasted for about at least 20 minutes, Miles was on cue, but the guest was not, the voice preceded the guests mouth movements, I it quite odd. I remember making a comment on the video page about it. I will have to search for it...

I found it:
The Bases Project 26 Sam Jenkins How Black Ops Stopped Ascenion Part Two

Maybe certain ppl are picking up things most others cannot at that moment.
Don't now if its psychic thing or what but how can his voice pick up before it is spoken aloud? I viewed it again and it did it again..

I know :focus:

14th August 2013, 02:35
Montauk! A great subject with many moving parts. After I corresponded with Daniel several times (the guy introduced to the alternative world by Wilcock), he opened up a lot about his experiences there. A simple Google search should give anyone interested his forum. Lots of good info there as well.

Thanks for the thread justoneman:cool:

17th August 2013, 13:07
This is a correction - Montauk "biorhythm day" was actually August 12th. I strangely always think it is the 13th.

Here's a good link for those interested in the "time rip" aspect of the larger story -

HERE (http://educate-yourself.org/ab/significantdateinPXsaga12aug03.shtml)

Note: Peter Moon has mentioned the significance of the 20 year periods between these events. He has also mentioned (though with less emphasis) that the 10 year anniversary also has "something" to it.