View Full Version : For those who have a longing for home......

14th August 2013, 13:49
This post and this video is for those who are here, perhaps on a mission, but are having a hard time coping with the limitations of these 3D bodies when they are energy beings who have a knowing that there is so much more awareness beyond this reality.
This video is slow and steady journey back home. While adoring the wonders of this paradise here on Earth, there is a longing to go back home. Bearing through the sadness of leaving, flying like a bird, beyond the trees and the solar system, anticipation builds as home is within reach. An overwhelming presence of love, peace and harmony is felt once again. Home is in sight.
Enjoy, and I hope this video will resonate with people from the Orion star system. I hope it will help those who are here, doing what they came to do, but are still remembering what it is really like back home among the stars of the Universe.


14th August 2013, 14:20
Thank you, that was beautiful. You words pretty much sum up my thoughts... I know that I've been to Orion, but I don't really know that where my real home is since I'm a wanderer from different places. However, home is out there somewhere and I can feel it.

14th August 2013, 14:32
Return to Spirit, and your sadness, and longing for home will end... :wizard:

15th August 2013, 20:56
Oh gosh its all right HERE, if we all just manifest it...

the potential is jawdropping