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15th August 2013, 10:21
Hello Fellow Avalonians,

Has anyone had any experience with school enrollment and exempting a child from vaccines based on religious beliefs? We are familiar with the New Jersey regs and are dealing with preschool in my family. I wondered if anyone has any insight, experience, success, issues, etc. Thank you.

15th August 2013, 14:06
Nancy welcome to avalon! :hug:

I live in Massachusetts so do not know the laws in NJ. However I do know that some states have 3 exemptions conscientious objection, medical, and religious.

In MA we only have medical, and religious exemptions so I used the religious exemption. I have a letter that states the exemption in the laws. I just turned in that letter to the schools. I have 2 daughters 21 & 17 and the letter I have worked through out their school years. My oldest even used it for college. We have had no problem all of these years.

I just googled "new jersey vaccination exemption letter" and a lot of information came up... even some sample letters...

You are surely not the first to be doing this...so congratulations for not vaccinating! I will tell you that you could run into resistance with private schools because they are private and can have their own rules...public schools are governed by state laws.

All the best to you!

william r sanford72
15th August 2013, 14:32
all states backward or not have exmp laws..most wont tell you.you have to ask.go for it!!trust your instincts and be brave.blessings your way.william and tribe.

15th August 2013, 14:37
Yes every state is different so you need information specific to your state.

15th August 2013, 15:45
Hi Kimberley,

Thank you for the welcome, information and encouragement ! The Jersey law is similar to Mass. My niece/daughter is struggling with this and I am attempting to reach out for others' experience. I will be happy to pass on a success story to bolster her confidence and reinforce her commitment. Thank you again !

Take care, Nancy

15th August 2013, 15:46
I live in Illinois and it has so far been a non issue. I use the illinois vaccine exemption form availabe online.

Here is some information for your state. Hope this helps.


15th August 2013, 16:16
My sister has, not on religious beliefs but on common sense (which is harder to explain :)). However she's in Canada and thus far it is illegal to withhold public services due to being vaccinated or not, but that doesn't stop authorities from trying. I recall a school (I think in Ontario - might have been a private school) that suspended a large number of students for not having immunization records - even if they had been immunized. That was probably massive fear of liability paranoia by school officials jumping into panic mode though ... or a test to see how the public would react, perhaps.

More work needs to be done to expose vaccinations for what they are and what they are not, and the major safety concerns that need more exposure -- this is certain.

16th August 2013, 01:01
I'm not sure I've ever been vaccinated even once.

16th August 2013, 02:11
We used the religious exemption in Oregon for my 2 children when they were in school. There was not a philosophical exemption in Oregon or I would have used that instead. If anyone asked which religion I said it was Christian Science since Christian Scientists don't believe in using doctors, medicines or in having vaccinations. My mother and grandparents were Christian Scientists and when I was young we almost never went to doctors and did not have vaccinations until we were older and had a couple of them. I felt no guilt whatsoever about lying in order to avoid required vaccinations for my children, although my preference would have been to tell them to mind their own effing business and leave us alone!

16th August 2013, 02:43
Welcome to Avalon, Nancy. These links may help:

National Vaccine Information Center (http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx)

"Be sure to visit our Vaccine Law (http://www.nvic.org/vaccine-laws.aspx#) page, which provides and overview of exemptions, the difference between required vs. recommended vaccines, and tips on filing a religious exemption letter in your state. Our Vaccine Law page also notes exemption statute language of interest for residents of California and New Mexico with regard to religious and personal/philosophical belief exemptions."

Immunization Action Coalition (http://www.immunize.org/laws/)

Vaccine Rights and State Exemption Laws (http://www.vaccinerights.com/stateexemptionlaws.html)

16th August 2013, 11:19
Paula, thank you for info !!!

16th August 2013, 11:27
Yes, Nancy, wouldn't it be great to TELL them to mind their own effing business. But, in reality by not complying, we are doing just that! To quote David Icke, it's the non complydance!

I was a hired soloist at a Christian Science church for many years and in retrospect, I wish I would have listened more from an analytical point of view on the beliefs. As it is I got in trouble because they found my Reader's Digest among my music. It was the smallest book I could hide in my music portfolio to get me through the tedious readings from a monotone Reader! Not to make fun or mockery of the religion, just a bit much for me and jumping all over the Bible passages was confusing.

17th August 2013, 17:44
Just a heads up, I would go to the State website first. While many anti-vaxx sites are well-intentioned, they are not necessarily up to date.

I heard something about NJ having a recent change in their rules. I believe now the flu vaccine is mandatory unless you have exemption, whereas it used to be optional.

I hope that gets some people off the fence and go for a full exemption and not vaxx at all rather than get their children the flu shot.