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15th August 2013, 16:25
I wonder if anyone has come across Dr John Sarno? He treats back pain in a psychological/mindbody way and has apparently had considerable success. Thought I'd mention it since so many people suffer in this way these days.


There's a free online program here. Look for Structured Educational Program:


Ultima Thule
15th August 2013, 16:55
Sarnos basic ideology is simple and sound:

My rephrase of how I see it:
You have emotions. Movements and signs of your body in response to strong emotions, frowns, sounds of laughter, anger, cry etc. are all meaningful methods to dissipate the excess electricity that is being created. When an ADULT doesn't express the emotions, body very wisely tries to channel the produced(you can't turn that off) electrical voltage through autonomic nervous system to be used slowly via slightly increased muscle tone(usually back muscles) and/or internal organs may also be facilitated, ie intestinal wall tension and movement.

Now this is great as supposedly you only once in a great while do NOT express yourself and the excess tension dissipates as time goes by.
Unfortunately as we all know, we adults don't express our emotions but instead behave and this great and wise system is instead of being used now and then, used all the time. This will result among other things to basically muscles in the back for example being in a hypoxic state, lacking oxygen, meaning pain.

Now this is a quite reasonable small facet in the explanation as to why and how emotional experiences can be stored in our body. Many more things can be thought of there, but in one sentence: do read John Sarnos Mind over Back Pain, it is a classic!


15th August 2013, 17:03
Funny you mention this...I (re)watched one of the only James Bartley interviews easily found on the nets yesterday, and it stuck out in my mind for some reason when he mentions that the rape-toids are known cause back pains in their targets.

Hope you feel better, if you are suffering...sending love either way

15th August 2013, 19:02

16th August 2013, 12:17
Diet, water filter etc are key to good health IMO!


16th August 2013, 14:13

william r sanford72
16th August 2013, 14:46
i sufferd a great back injury when i was 10.from that moment on i began to suffer from cronic back pain.about 13 years ago i messed my back again so bad i killed the nerves in my right leg and had a hard time even walking.this forced me to go to the doctor to get an mmr..they found the injurys and also found a 3 inch long thumb sized tumor inside my spinal cord.everything involved in that operation is a thread all its own.after 2 major surgerys..successull i might add.and the tumor not being deadly full of cancer.i went on to start a small farm and beekeeping operation..despite what the doctors told me i would able to do or not to do.hang in there.theres countless methods that could help your back.blessings your way..william.

16th August 2013, 16:10

27th August 2013, 04:24
I fell down a flight of stairs when I was a stupid teenager, being drunk at a party.
I had dislocated my discs or something. Had backpain that would keep me in bed for days on and off for several decades. That was 25 years ago. I then had almost died from morgellons. I was given the MPS far infrared pad by Dr. Staninger who created this pad to heal the body. She is the main whistleblower on chemtrails. Anyway, this technology saved my life and the side effect was that all my back problems also went away as well. There is a story of a little girl who almost died after a Hurricane Ivan hit florida. Her back and pelvic bone was crushed and the doctors had to remove all her organs to survive. She was not expected to ever walk again. Several months after using this technology, she was walking with a cane. I don't know where she is at right now. But it was a miracle that she could even get up. I have since purchased the mps sauna and rainbow. The technology uses diamond crystals and that is why this machine works. I know cannot live without it. It has saved my mom from going to the hospital when she had heart pains. I said..wait, hold on a minute, try my far infrared rainbow. Five minutes under it, and we didn't have to go to the hospital anymore.