View Full Version : If you wish to hook up for the day, I will be at:

16th August 2013, 20:21
Victory Christain Church in Middlefield Conn.
From 6 am till 6 pm Saturday (tomorrow)

We are doing a church fair type thing to help make us money, there will be lots of others there selling there stuff as well, no the money does not go to the church expect for renting the spot we are utilizing.. So no I am not promoting the church.

SO if any one is able to stop by and wish to hang with me that's where I will be, It's out doors so no one will feel like they are being watched ..lol

If you have a friend you wish to tag along, that would be awesome.
It's a neutral spot where we can hook up...
And meet with with a really kewl Avalonian...ME :cool: