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18th August 2013, 14:53
for a spirit, "that what you can confront you can handle"

what does this mean?

if you can confront a bullet entering your body you can just move that bullet right out of your body without affecting any of it.

what does this have to do with spiritualism.

We had courses on communication that LRH created to get people to be able to confront WHOLE TRACK, "the real live stuff that has happened to us in the stars before we came here" .

they call these TR's .. Training Routines .

you have to be able to sit 2 hours confronting another person without any unnatural body reaction. (just be there confronting the other person)

There was another reason for teaching these TR's too.

The Forces that can be put on us like what you people call "pysch attacks" will not effect you if you have your TR's IN.

In other words if you have your TR's in and are confronting the space around you, you can't be effected by electronics.

Since it seems they keep turning the Electronics up more and more lately to try do drive you to grief or some other lower emotion, which they can't effect me, because I am exterior to the bodies senses. But I can feel the Grief, the crying coming in and I look at this and my reaction is "this isn't me"

so just go outside and get your space out there and confront this stuff and it goes away.


18th August 2013, 16:31
Hi jim, can you explain a bit more about the method of confronting?

18th August 2013, 16:55
Hi jim, can you explain a bit more about the method of confronting?

Well it is a BEING being able to confront a battle as an example or in a speeding car and heading for a collision. If you can face up to it like a Rambo type person or you just make a very strong postulate that nothing will hurt you then the bullets in the battle will go around you and any explosions near you will not hit you, or the metal of the car will wrap around you after an impossible totaled car accident. People look at the car and can't believe you only got scratches. Or the girl falling 10,000 feet from an airplane hit by lightning was the only survivor of the plane in Brazil.

in my situation I could see the next thing that would happen when the driller was going to hit the hammer wrench with a 16 pound sledge hammer. My exact thoughts were, "if he misses the hammer wrench the hammer will hit me directly in the head. Ok the hammer went through my head, but I confronted it. I kept saying over and over again, "is my head still here ... is my head still here ... is my head still here." My hands felt like it was feeling my whole head was split open and then suddenly in an instant I could feel my head again.

The spirit can remember how to create bodies and how to repair them if you can confront it. This is not so easy to get a perception using a body. But that is why we had to sit facing each other for 2 hours. At first you start laughing. You just can't confront facing someone looking at them.
when you can do this without showing any un-natural blinking of eyes and no facial movements for 2 hours you pass the first part
then you got to face the person again while he bull bates you. This means he does anything or says anything to get you to react and break your confront.
when you can sit 2 hours while someone is bull bating you you pass that part ... then the rest is doing a real communication cycle.

It has been said that people can not go out on the street and contact people and get them to come in to do some personality tests if you haven't done the communication course.

means you have to have the ability to CONFRONT people without feeling stupid and silly and do some communication.
so it does something to the beings ability to confront life too.

he can then confront a 16 pound sledge hammer going through his head and if he can fully confront that he can put the head back together too.

I am living proof of that.


18th August 2013, 17:49
Yep!! Return to Spirit and you can do all this and more...ccc.:wizard:

18th August 2013, 18:23
I remember doing part of what you are describing in some moment in the past, so I hope I will understand your words fully after a while. Thank you, jim.

18th August 2013, 21:36
I'm glad to be able to say 'Glad your still, here jiminii'

19th August 2013, 17:44
came across this today, and thought it made sense for this thread, and also its by another jim. :) https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/1175276_423284487784452_1387253244_n.jpg

24th August 2013, 19:46
I got it, thank you.
I did the "expose myself" part some time ago. It felt as if i had lost some time of my life, but in reality I went much further than going "the normal" way. Thanks, sway.