View Full Version : Euthanization for NAPPING

18th August 2013, 19:01
I am ashamed to be human after seeing this.


18th August 2013, 20:09
The fact is that we invade their habitat. However, next time the bear is hungry, it may be the child he chose to eat. Or yet, if anyone in the house had start screaming or wanting to get rid of it, we do not know at all how the bear would have reacted. Usually they do not attack, but if frighten or hungry, they may.

I live in bear country (when outside the city), we are always careful around them. Usually they are scared of humans and will not get into houses but will roam around. My sister alsways has a huge can of Cayenne Pepper just in case.



Anybody living near bear country shoul have this handy. No harm to the bear nor to the human.

18th August 2013, 21:07
They don't have to take its life though. There is plenty of forested land when it could be set free. All it did was take a nap. It didn't even poo on anything. LOL Im sorry, I agree, they are predatory animals, however, people have the choice to kill or not to kill. The animal did nothing to hurt anyone. Brings me to tears.

18th August 2013, 22:13
yes, if you are in Canada, you can bring it where it most probably will never see a human again. Not in other more populated countries, even the US, you always have humans around, in tents camping, trek walking, etc. Depending where the bear is from, may be it should be sent to the great north or to Alaska.

19th August 2013, 01:39