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19th August 2013, 09:47

19th August 2013, 10:12
If seekers stopped clicking.. or reading or expressing their thoughts, even though sometimes dark.
We would get absolutely nowhere..

What we do need to realise is that it is a process.. The more awakened ones must be patient and let others make little mistakes..
The awakened ones will also certainly make mistakes too..

I see where your trying to go here Henry mate :) but we have to let let people become what they need to be in these times too..

Steps on our way home you might say..

19th August 2013, 11:33
With all due respect...
Henry is correct. First of all 'seekers' have been 'clicking' away to uncover the truth for eons & still have gotten absolutely nowhere. We have all be conditioned to not accept ourselves for who we are. Hence, the notion that we need to become something thing better, someone better, than what we already are. That, in itself, is the biggest distraction. Total acceptance of oneself is the key. And the countless so-called religions have be telling not to accept ourselves. The politicians have said the same. In fact the religious leaders & the political leaders are no different. They both want to lead people. Follow them & you will become more lost.

I agree that there is a process involved. And that process is of realization. To realize that there is no path. There is no way to get back home. Because we are already home, just thinking that we are not. We are just believing we have to do something. Its its just a ploy. To keep everyone preoccupied, distracted & wasting energy.

turiya :cool:

19th August 2013, 11:42
I've read a lot of crap over the years. My skeptism is up 10 fold now. Just where it should be I imagine. Anybody can say anything. What really does come into focus for me is what can I do. I'm not a researcher. I'm not the acedemic type as much as I like to be. I can do some things. I have some ideas but don't know how to them them so I'm gonna try some can kicking and see what turns up.

19th August 2013, 13:05

19th August 2013, 14:50
Oh, we've seen the big picture on negative possibilities, induced by fear, and we help others to know, that there are NO boogeymen or boogeywomen, that God/Creator and Heaven can't handle. WE know it's time, and like many others before who felt it, before us, they just didn't take it one day at a time, and give God His glory, while making our hearts, minds, and planet connect with Christ's consciousness of unconditional love for your fellowman and women. Some are new, and we recognize, it's each in their own time, and don't judge, for it's not our job to judge, but shed the negatives that have polluted life on this planet for a long time. We can only clean up, but here we can team up with prayers of healing, weather preventions or safety of those in harm's way. When we cannot do, or feel this is a job for " " "Creator" " " " and we give the burden/powers that WERE to the divine plan of Creation.

No fear, just patience. They'll pump it 24/7, but here, we think it all out in all directions, and then focus/connect w/innerself/higher self/our better angels of influence and truth, and can literally feel/smell bs.

No worries mate.
They hid or kept pieces of the puzzle/books from us, but we've found them. Book of Enoch, Noahs, Great Grandfather 1st prophet told of this time, and they hid when the time would be, but they can't hide truth forever.

In a way for America/Nations and the world of humans?
"You betcha."
I always take it this way: "Let the awakening of human hearts and minds and spirit merge in the spirit of Christ, and let go, and let God."

william r sanford72
19th August 2013, 15:17
Yes, WE have To Be gentle, Giving To each of Their Own ...

Among Beggars, Be As Beggars. Among Kings, Be Royal. Yet, At All times, YOU .... REMAIN ... THE "IMMOVABLE WITNESS"

Hunter s. thompson as a avatar??..dig it.also like what your gettin at.seems tho that revealing a lie can bring the brightest of light for some who are not aware.i dont do alota consp. research or follow much current news other than weather and even they get it wrong!!.so in saying..inward..then outward.it never fails.

19th August 2013, 15:34
Well if they kicked your can, I guess the karma on them is also due, by those they harmed. I don't like them harming the elderly that played by the rules, invested in the stupid company they worked for, only to see half their retirement taken before they retire on a settlement, after some CEO has overspent on another jet-ski or mansion on Park Avenue.

I'm just saying there has to be a list of all the people posting those fraudulent systematic booby traps, and they should all be questioned in court, on the sworn in on whatever Bible they believe in. Let them bare witness before God on the record and in public. WE all need public trials of those who did the ordering, and those still playing that nasty little every decade crash a system game.

Lone Bean
19th August 2013, 17:22
Well here's an article by Russia Today that's neither light or dark, but the truth. It has come to my awareness, that the only solution to this "planet-ending" problem is a spiritual one. Our human family needs to desperately wake up from their blissful fog of non-reality and take a look at what is actually happening right now, and is the most important event that is going on right now in the entire world. Fukushima is a problem that can not be solved in our 3-D reality. If enough of us wake up and seize this opportunity to take the human species to the next level of evolution, we can fix this immediately, otherwise we are all dead from this.

No amount of denial will make the reality of Fukishima and it's world engulfing problem go away. Please read this article and connect with others and your higher selves to get the spiritual solution that we so badly need. I believe I planned on being on this planet at this time to assist in the elevation of our species and to witness the miracle of spirit.


19th August 2013, 18:41
With all due respect Henry, I don't believe it is up to each one of us to decide what IS and what IS NOT true and, in so doing, filter information that gets passed on to others. I make an honest effort to do some investigation of things I read/see before I pass the information on to family and friends, but I don't presume to know if the information is true, partially true, or false so I always request everyone to do their own research and form their own opinions on whatever the topic is. Never is my intent to foster fear in the hearts and minds of my loved ones, but only to bring certain information to their attention that could be detrimental to them if true and they were unaware.

I do not live my life in fear and I highly recommend that others don't as well. None of us are getting out of this life alive so why waste any time worrying about things we probably have little or no control over. But that's not saying we should bury our head in the sand and ignore everything we don't like or may not want to know about if true either. Knowledge is power and we sure can't do anything about something if we're in denial or haven't a clue that that something even exists.

I, for one, seek truth--be it bad or good--and I don't want to be coddled or patronized. I may or may not be able to discern what is and what is not true for any given story, but I don't want others to predetermine that for me. Consequently, I appreciate information being brought to my attention no matter how light, dark, good, bad, intelligent or silly. It enables me to determine what I care to pursue, investigate further, and, hopefully, make an informed opinion about. And since I believe in treating others the way I want to be treated I attempt to pass no judgement on any given story (which, I admit, I'm not always successful at) and pass the information on to others to do with as they see fit. I hope that others would do the same.

One of the main points of sites like PA is to disseminate, preferably good and true, information whether bad or good, but I have yet to meet anyone who has a corner on the absolute truth (although I know some who think they have). It is still up to each and every one of us to do our own research and do the best we can to make intelligent and informed decisions and opinions based on that research and not on what others tell us our decisions or opinions should be or who deny us information so that we cannot make intelligent and informed decisions and opinions. Question everything!

19th August 2013, 20:10

19th August 2013, 23:08
Thank you for your kind words Henry and I apologize if you felt I was attempting to 'correct' anything you stated. We are all learning and, hopefully, students of wisdom teachings and it matters not how long we've been in that pursuit, but that we ARE in that pursuit, IMHO. Welcome to Avalon!

20th August 2013, 13:20
I've read a lot of crap over the years. My skeptism is up 10 fold now. Just where it should be I imagine. Anybody can say anything. What really does come into focus for me is what can I do. I'm not a researcher. I'm not the acedemic type as much as I like to be. I can do some things. I have some ideas but don't know how to them them so I'm gonna try some can kicking and see what turns up.

I wasn't meaning people here but since coming here I've been exposed to all kinds of info that doesn't seem right. When I first got here I was wow about everything and with the more exposure to different thing it has raised my bs radar. It's not a perfect system but I'm still trying to work out the kinks.

20th August 2013, 14:26
My simple thought is this: We should not let ourselves read (see), and listen to these stories that serve only to darken the world around us, but rather we should LISTEN! ... with our 'EARS that HEAR' (the Truth), and SEE! ... with our 'EYES that SEE' (the Light).

This is exactly the way I feel TODAY. But like an alcoholic, having drunk for years the poison which I took for nectar, I know I may succumb again and let my senses and brain/heart escape on the dark news, the dark side. So, one day at a time. Getting rid of the habit and the lack of conciousness, one day at a time.

TODAY, this is how I feel wand what I will do.

20th August 2013, 17:32

20th August 2013, 17:41

20th August 2013, 18:12
Some of these Ideas (thought-forms maybe?) are so fanciful that, as you look back now (do it) it should occur to you to LYAO ... (laugh your ass off) :p
In all serious now, I ask you: Where has your 'true skepticism' gone?! What have you done with Your Reason!?!

Yeah, lot's of entertainment these days.. Nice thread BTW!

"Conspiracy theory is a kind of an epistomological cartoon about reality ... kindergarten stuff in the art of amateur historiography" Terence McKenna


15th January 2014, 08:59

15th January 2014, 20:35
Avalon is not for me anymore.

Avalon is not for me anymore..!? Reconsider Calamus in view of universal brothership.

15th January 2014, 21:04
... Total acceptance of oneself is the key...

I agree that there is a process involved. And that process is of realization. ..

turiya :cool:

I guess these are key words...Blessing and hugs :-)

16th January 2014, 00:29
When I wrote this OP I was in the throws of a Kundalini event. I don't completely understand what I went through, but I do not write like that normally. It was an interesting experience.

I struggle as to whether I was 'possessed' of something good, benevolent, or bad, negative. I still struggle to this day.


I read the OP and my gut feeling tells me it must have been something benevolent.
About leaving Avalon, just my humble advice...maybe you can withdraw for a while, without terminating your membership, and after some time see if you feel like coming back.
In any case best of luck brother.

16th January 2014, 02:14
Fair travels good Sir.

If you ever feel inclined, you are certain to be welcomed back with enthusiasm.

16th January 2014, 14:55
I see a vicious cycle in the Alt community of people believing they've found truth in one source after the other, taking things as a whole and then becoming overly fearful, or overly complacent (then moving on to the next/latest energy source). I've been tossed and turned enough, in this continuing New Age religion (imo).

Happy trails dude! Trying to kick the habit myself. Much love bro, maybe our paths will cross again, Phil

16th January 2014, 15:02
Calumus.... Brother,, wherever you are,,,, A person will leave Avalon,,, But Avalon will never leave the person. Good luck in all that you do, my friend. I will be here when you return.


16th January 2014, 15:12
I see a vicious cycle in the Alt community of people believing they've found truth in one source after the other, taking things as a whole and then becoming overly fearful, or overly complacent (then moving on to the next/latest energy source).

What people do and how they believe is not to be dictated by you....YOU are your own being and the one to decide how things are going with you. You can only relate your perspective from YOU...how others are going about it is secondary

16th January 2014, 15:51
....but believing bullsh!t is ultimately self-destructive. If he believes the community as a whole is consuming bullsh!t, he's well within his "rights" to say so. He didn't dictate anything to anybody, only told you "what he sees".

I see a vicious cycle in the Alt community of people believing they've

I see it too. I'm not dictating anything, just observing--just like him. Thanks calamus for sharing your decision based on your observations, I appreciate you sharing it

778 neighbour of some guy
16th January 2014, 15:54
I love you guys, and thank you for your collective Wisdom. Even though I'm leaving in this cyber space, you all know we are always connected.

In Love and Unity,

Cool Runnings bro, may the Farce keep its distance from you!!

16th January 2014, 17:36
It's not all a vicious cycle, if it showed the way to do things, is to look within, and clear that component. One of the aspects of getting that done, is to be by one's self. No external interruptions. This is entirely normal to the process, in fact, critical to the process.

Whatever it takes, to get people to that point of realization. Be it a long road to that door, or a short one.

A long road, with many doors (thresholds) of perception.

One's meandering path is their own, for if not, intelligence in this universe would not exist. Difference and differential is key.

16th January 2014, 18:24
Learning to discern the pearls hidden amongst the piles of :bs: is part of the process.

That there are piles seems self-evident.