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19th August 2013, 16:55
Trust in Love and Peace

We are Gathered Here today:
By the great gift of virtual reality and ease of the Internet,
the WEB.

It is a great tool of creativity,
It is a great tool of knowledge,
but more importantly of togetherness.

we have been aided by this Great Web, aided to help FIND EACH OTHER!
Because of the WEB it's been a much faster way than could be achieved within our daily living.
Like minded souls can easy find contact, connections from around this whole world of ours and share the many and varied experiences, knowledge, creativity.

Our path's meet here, here we can in-lighten each other.

We can feed back here as if to our collective self.

we have been aided by this Great Web to help FIND OUR SELF!

Here are just a few versions of some knowledge, some creativity shared by their creators and beamed onto, into the web for us to find and enjoy, and feel good about.

I've picked a few from the many to help give calming balance and guidance.
With the overwhelming amount of passable connections out in life and in the web it is easy to get lost, it is easy to find darkness.

Here are just 3 LIGHT guides/vid's created from HEART, vid's to maybe learn from and expand on; it's what the web and posts are all about :)

Some members here might find them Old hat or simplistic while many others might find real help from them, either way, and in in a LIGHT positive helpful and loving way try to add to them if you desire!

Are YOU a Lightworker in Limbo?

Be patent, don't push, when it's time you will know.


Trust allow breath. Align with the flow

A Way to Calm & Inner Peace - Ina Maka, Mother Earth


A Rant: Ascension: Phases of Awakening


This video changed my life forever. I read his first two books and did "exactly" as he said, and rediscovered my Immortality.



Thank you onawah for embedding the 'Plasma Beings' vid, This has connected many inner and outer experiences for me.

This I must admit is a quite advanced version of what reality might be, some might say 'really out there!' but once you have been a member of Avalon for a while you might start seeing many alternatives :), it is in my reality belief!

Believe it or not find the powerful positive energy that comes from Mr Drunvalo for humanity


Peace to us all


With a few million Hug's aswell