View Full Version : Enormous Russian military ship plows onto crowded beach

22nd August 2013, 09:53

"This footage, posted to YouTube on the 21 August, shows an enormous Russian military ship making a landing on a beach full of surprised sunbathers. According to the Russian Defence Ministry it was a routine training exercise that went according to plan, and it was unclear what the beachgoers were doing there..."

22nd August 2013, 10:36
That is not a ship but a hovercraft ... made for beach landings.
The video is too short but it can crawl onto the beach too, it doesn't plow into the beach.

778 neighbour of some guy
22nd August 2013, 12:38
Nobody panicked, nice way to pick up your girlfriend from the beach to go waterskiing, prolly not the first time this drill was performed there, ship wasn't blowing its horn either, just a day at the beach with a bonus view.

22nd August 2013, 19:47
I like the bit where it questions what the beechgoers were doing. THEY WERE SUNBATHING AND SWIMMING OF COURSE. What else? :p